Motor City Comic Con 2007: A quick travelogue

Motor City Con Logo Thumb.jpgSo, here I am at the Motor City Comic Con in Novi, Mich., just outside of Detroit.

Now that the booth’s set up and my WiFi is active, I can regale you with a tale of yesterdays’ air travel to get here. Well, actually, I won’t go in excruciating detail about the cramped United flights from Green Bay to Chicago (no air blowing the cabin makes for a rather warm flight) and the packed to the gills 757 from Chicago to Detroit. Suffice it to say, I survived, made my connections, and checked into my room.

Now to the fun part of the story. When I contacted convention coordinator Gary Bishop yesterday to confirm my arrival, he told me that fellow convention guest Barbara Luna would be on the same flight from Chicago to Detroit with me. While waiting in O’Hare to board the plane, I had a very nice visit with the actress, who’s been in all sorts of TV shows and movies (you can check her Internet Movie Database listing here) and is perhaps most famous for her role as Marlena Moreau in the Star Trek episode “Mirror, Mirror.” She also appeared in the Star Trek: New Voyages episode “In Harm’s Way.”

Strangely enough, when choosing my reading material for the flights, before I knew who I’d be flying with, I picked out my copy of Star Trek: Mirror Universe, a collection of three stories set in that alternate mirror universe. Ms. Luna said she would have to pick up a copy at the show and I had the honor of telling her that her Marlena character figured prominently in the second story.

When we arrived at the Detroit airport, we learned that actor Peter Lupas, who had also worked with Ms. Luna, was traveling back to the hotel with her. They had a warm reunion in the parking lot.

Well, it’s almost time for the show to open to the public, so I’ll close this post with promises of more to come throughout the day and the weekend. Check back often for more updates.

If you’re attending the show, stop by Booth #837 and say “hi.”

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2 Responses to Motor City Comic Con 2007: A quick travelogue

  1. Brent Frankenhoff says:

    One more note: This morning at breakfast, I enjoyed watching Louis Gossett and Lou Ferrigno discussing the hotel’s fitness room.

  2. Jim Johnson says:

    Cramped flights or not, you can see why it’s far more fun to travel to an out-of-town show. My travelogue consists of breakfast in my dining room (donut & a yogurt), driving to work, leaving work and stopping at the post office, grocery store, and gas station. Snore.

    I am now psyching myself up for the eight-mile drive to the convention center. Hold down the fort and don’t let the feds do anything ’til I get there with my camera.

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