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The Buyer's Guide for Comic FandomHere are the beginnings of the long-requested index and/or guide to Comics Buyer’s Guide and its precursor, The Buyer’s Guide to Comic Fandom. Here you’ll find nuggets of history as well as notes on who did what — where else could you find Klaus Janson, Neal Adams, and Jack Kirby drawing consecutive covers of the same title?

This is a long-term project. We expect this to come together slowly, a few months at a time — and the initial content will be far from a full index. Thanks to Russ Maheras, we have clean specimens of all the covers from the first decade, plus his research into the cover artist credits for each (created for his fanzine Maelstrom #8). Commentary from the “Weeks of Wonder” chronologies will also be added — as previously published in Comics Buyer’s Guides #1162-1168, #1616, and the 1997 CBG Annual.

The images should aid in the identification, particularly, of some of the earliest issues of TBG, not all of which had issue numbers or dates printed on them. We’re also noting, where we can, how many sections each of the newspaper issues had. This can be very helpful in reconciling some of those loose sections with their parent issues.

This is not an attempt to archive the actual articles from those issues, although in cases where the articles have already been archived on this site, links will be provided. But we welcome more contributions about the content of these issues, and have set up a subforum for submitting such material — or for discussing it — on the site. We’ll try to upload appropriate additions at regular intervals.

You can reach individual issues posted to date by clicking the menus for years, below — or by navigating withing the pages themselves. More issues will be added as we get to them.

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If you have information to contribute for a specific issue or issues or have a question or comment, start a new thread (with the issue number in the title if it’s in reference to one) in the CBG/TBG Index Discussion Forum. We will try to make updates from time to time on existing index pages — and will have your contrbutions available for the later issues when we get to them.

Russ’ Maheras Cover Index to TBG #1-400 (1971-1981)

From Russ Maheras’ excellent indexing work in Maelstrom #8, here’s a quick thumbnail guide to who drew which covers of the first 400 issues of TBG, what’s on them, and how many sections were in each issue. Records for individual issues will appear on site as we get them prepared.

Issue numbers and/or dates that are bolded/italicized did not appear on covers and are deductions based on careful examination of unmarked issues and/or surrounding issues. Newsprint tabloid catalogs consist of one section unless otherwise noted. Footnotes appear at the bottom.

No.Cover dateSect.Pgs.Cover artist(s)Cover theme
1 Feb. 1971 120John FantucchioGolden Age heroes
2 April 1971 120Dennis FujitakeSword and sorcery
3May 1971112Dan AdkinsWestern (gunfighter)
4 June 1971116(Text cover)MESS, Alan Light editorial, ad rates
5 July 1971112Robert KlineScience fiction (space)
6 Aug. 1971 116Dan AdkinsScience fiction (space)
7 Sept. 1971 124Martin L. GreimHulk
8 Oct. 1971 124Dennis FujitakeSword and sorcery
9 Nov. 1971 120Steve FabianFantasy (loin-clothed hunter)
10Dec. 1971124Don NewtonHuman Torch vs. Sub-Mariner
11Jan. 19721124John Fantucchio(Reprint of TBG 1 cover)
12 Feb. 1972 236Jim PinkoskiScience fiction (space)
13 March 1972 244John FantucchioSuperhero
14 April 1972 248Craig Russell/Dan AdkinsMarvel hero montage
15May 1972248Dennis FujitakeScience fiction (dinosaurs)
16June 1972260Bill BlackCaptain Marvel Jr.
17 July 1972 244Klaus JansonNew Gods, Darkseid
18 Aug. 1, 19722 232Neal AdamsGreen Lantern, Green Arrow
19Aug. 15, 1972124Jack KirbyMister Miracle
20Sept. 1, 1972244(Photo cover)Star Trek (Mr. Spock)
21Sept. 15, 1972124Alan “Jim” HanleyCaptain Marvel (Shazam) family
22Oct. 1, 1972240(Text cover)Rex Miller Auction #1
23Oct. 15, 1972228Tom ArmstrongBlackhawks, Sgt. Rock
24Nov. 1, 1972236Craig RussellScience fiction (space)
25Nov. 15, 1972228Steve MasseyScience fiction (space)
26Dec. 19723240John FantucchioCaptain Marvel (Shazam), Superman
27Jan. 1, 1973240Don RosaMedieval combat
28Jan. 15, 1973232Dan Adkins/Sally MerwinScience fiction (space)
29Feb. 1, 1973240Neal AdamsPoster for Broadway play Warp
30Feb. 15, 1973228Ned YoungSword and sorcery
31March 1, 1973240Andrew WarnerScience fiction (space)
32March 15, 1973240Tim BoxellHorror (werewolf)
33 April 1, 1973 236Dick CalkinsBuck Rogers Sunday strip reprint
34 April 15, 1973 236Paty GreerConan, Vision, Scarlet Witch
35May 1, 1973244David HuntDoctor Strange
36 May 15, 1973 240Bruce D. PattersonTBG-Man
37 June 1, 1973 244Jay MassenaDoctor Strange, Warlock
38 June 15, 1973 240(Four miniature covers)4“Covers that almost made it”
39 July 1, 1973 244(Photo cover)Plug for Inside Comix
40 July 15, 1973 248Dan AdkinsScience fiction (space)
41Aug. 1, 1973368(Photo montage)1973 NY Comic Art Convention
42Aug. 15, 1973248“JMF”Superman
43 Sept. 1, 1973 348Craig Russell, Dan AdkinsDoctor Strange
44Sept. 15, 1973248Eric VincentScience fiction (space)
45Oct. 1, 1973248Tom ArmstrongEnemy Ace
46 Oct. 15, 19735 248Carl TaylorE-Man
47 Nov. 1, 1973 248Bernie WrightsonHorror (corpse leaving grave)
48 Nov. 15, 1973 248Russell MyersBroom Hilda
49 Dec. 1, 1973 248Howard BenderThe Shadow
50 Dec. 15, 1973 248Alan “Jim” HanleySuperhero spoof
51 Jan. 1, 1974 248Kerry RosemanMontage of comic strip characters
52 Jan. 15, 1974 364“Chang”Science fiction (space)
53 March 1, 1974372Bob ConwayScience fiction (space)
54March 15, 1974248Wayne PondSuperman
55April 1, 1974248“Fanthom”Conan
56April 15, 1974364Dan AdkinsThe Destroyer
57May 1, 1974356Steven KelezFlash Gordon
58May 15, 1974356Gray MorrowHorror (human sacrifice)
59June 1, 1974368John KingFrankenstein
60June 15, 1974356(Photo cover)Star Trek (Mr. Spock, Scotty)
61July 1, 1974364Charles Clarence “C.C.” BeckBilly Batson (Captain Marvel/ Shazam)
62July 15, 1974476Russ MaherasCaptain America
63Aug. 1, 1974356Tim BoxellScience fiction (pirate, alien)
64Aug. 15, 1974248Milton Caniff1974 San Diego Comic Con
65Sept. 1, 1974368Jim GarrisonScience fiction (flying saucers)
66Sept. 15, 1974356Ric Cruz, Sam de la RosaFantasy (elves)
67Oct. 1, 1974372(Photo cover)Montage of superhero movie serials
68Oct. 15, 1974368Tom ArmstrongSword and sorcery
69Nov. 1, 1974368“Lynes”Captain Marvel (Shazam)
70Nov. 15, 1974480Phillip YehCartoon cover of comic fans
71Dec. 1, 1974484Alan “Jim” HanleyThe Mighty Mites
72Dec. 15, 1974372Zdenek BurianTarzan
73Jan. 1, 1975368Eric VincentAnimation space sequence
74Jan. 15, 1975372John Adkins RichardsonCaptain Marvel (Shazam) serial
75Feb. 1, 1975372Tom ArmstrongSword and sorcery
76Feb. 15, 1975484Dave Taylor, Ed RomeroDoctor Strange
77March 1, 19755100Charles Clarence “C.C.” BeckCaricatures of The Buyer’s Guide staff members and others
78March 15, 1975496David WeissCaptain America
79April 1, 19755104(Photo cover)TBG subscriber Terry Yakish as the Shadow
80April 15, 1975488Montage of Mac Raboy artCaptain Marvel Jr.
81May 1, 1975484(Unsigned – John Byrne?)Superhero
82May 15, 19754+C692Tim CorriganDoctor Strange, Mxyzptlk
83 June 1, 19755116(Photo cover)Today’s collector
June 15, 19756128Bob HenceyDick Tracy
85 July 1, 19756128John Byrne, Duffy VohlandThe Spectre
86 July 15, 19755108Alan HutchinsonPogo Possum and his pals
87 July 18, 19757372Frank ThorneSword and sorcery (girl/monsters)
88 July 25, 1975360Richard KraussCartoon of TBG reader at home
89 Aug. 1, 1975248“Gallery”Conan
90 Aug. 8, 1975372Alan “Jim” HanleySuperhero montage
91 Aug. 15, 1975364(Photo cover)Star Trek (Captain Kirk)
92 Aug. 15, 19758372Guy GilchristSuperheroes playing poker
93 Aug. 29, 1975372Tom ChristopherSword and sorcery
94 Sept. 6, 1975368Roy Kinnard, Russ MaherasCaptain America and Bucky save TBG publisher Alan Light from Hitler
95 Aug. 22, 19759360(Photo cover)Edgar Rice Burroughs, Tarzan
96 Sept. 19, 1975248Alan “Jim” HanleyThe Spirit reading TBG
97 Sept. 26, 1975248(Photo cover)Mel Blanc
98 Oct. 3, 1975360Russ MaherasComic characters montage
99 Oct. 10, 1975248Bob MurphyDr. Satan, a 1940 Republic Serial
100 Oct. 17, 1975480Russ MaherasComic characters montage
101 Oct. 24, 1975356Marc HempelCaptain America, Bucky
102 Oct. 31, 1975360Bob ConwayThe Ray
103 Nov. 7, 1975248Tim CorriganComic characters montage
104 Nov. 14, 1975372Paul ChadwickThe Spirit
105 Nov. 21, 1975248Jack KirbyKirby self-portrait and montage of superhero characters
106 Nov. 28, 1975484Frank ThorneRed Sonja
107 Dec. 5, 1975356Eric VincentCheech Wizard, Vaughn Bode (posthumous tribute cover)
108 Dec. 12, 1975496Roy Kinnard, Russ MaherasFantastic Four
109 Dec. 19, 1975364Tim CorriganMarvel superheroes
110 Dec. 26, 1975496Russ MaherasDoc Savage film spoof
111Jan. 2, 1976248Designed by Shel DorfDick Tracy’s look: 1931-1975
112Jan. 9, 1976364Charley ParkerCaptain Marvel (Marvel Comics)
113Jan 16, 1976248Interfan (Deal “D.L.” Whitley)Ebony from The Spirit
114Jan. 23, 1976248Jim EngelGag cover: FBI bursts in on funny animals watching cartoons at home
115Jan. 30, 1976248Marc HempelGag cover saluting “fan” artists
116Feb. 6, 1976484Russ MaherasThe Shadow, Doctor Doom
117Feb. 13, 1976372Bob MurphySpy Smasher
118Feb. 20, 1976492Tom FisherGag cover of hold-up man stealing Howard the Duck comic from child
119Feb. 27, 1976356(Unsigned)Sword and sorcery
120March 5, 1976372Bob MurphyTerry and the Pirates
121March 12, 1976248Rick BurchettCaptain America, Bucky
122March 19, 1976364Mike VosburgLinda Lovecraft
123March 26, 1976360Ric Cruz, Sam de la RosaSwamp Thing
124April 2, 1976480Alan “Jim” HanleyCaptain Marvel (Shazam), Plastic Man
125April 9, 1976360Bob VojtkoTribute to fanzine publishers
126April 16, 1976488Mike Machlan, Jim McPhersonMarvel heroes fighting space aliens
127April 23, 1976360Alan “Jim” Hanley, Jim Engel, Chuck Fiala, Roy Kinnard, Russ MaherasGoodguy fighting Doctor Quaint
128April 30, 1976484Stephen “Flame” TaylorThe Demon
129May 7, 1976360David MattinglyBatman
130May 14, 1976484Interfan (Mike Machlan, Doug Herring)Steve Clement Superheroes
131May 21, 1976360Fred FredericksMandrake the Magician
132May 28, 1976484Stephen “Flame” TaylorWarlock
133June 4, 1976480Robert “R.C.” HarveyTBG-Man
134June 11, 1976480Bob MurphyDick Tracy
135June 18, 1976356Stephen “Flame” TaylorConan
136June 26, 197641092Russ MaherasSpoof of Superman vs. The Amazing Spider-Man crossover
137July 2, 1976360(Montage of comic strips)“Collecting Original Artwork”
138July 9, 1976488Tim CorriganSpoof: Sub-Mariner meets “Jaws”
139July 16, 1976356Bob MurphyScorchy Smith
140July 23, 1976372Fred HembeckSuperman TV show
141July 30, 1976360Interfan (William Neville, Ric Cruz)The Justice Society of America
142Aug. 6, 1976484Aaron McClellanCaptain America, Bucky
143Aug. 13, 1976248Charley ParkerThor, Galactus
144Aug. 20, 1976480Russ MaherasScience fiction (space)
145Aug. 27, 1976360(Photo montage)1976 San Diego Comic Convention
146Sept. 3, 1976372Russ MaherasHorror (monster, archaeologists)
147Sept. 10, 1976356Mike NasserMartian Manhunter
148Sept. 17, 1976372Bob MurphyPhantom
149Sept. 24, 1976360Russ MaherasFantastic Four
150Oct. 1, 1976480Alan “Jim” Hanley, Dick KulpaFamous ducks of the comics
151Oct. 8, 1976360Russ MaherasSuperman
152Oct. 15, 1976372Bob MurphyBatman, Robin, Joker
153Oct. 22, 1976368Vincent DavisComic fan cartoon
154Oct. 29, 1976372Rich MrozekThe Hulk
155Nov. 5, 1976360Bob MurphyWash Tubbs
156Nov. 12, 1976492William A. Meugniot (“WAM”)Science fiction (space)
157Nov. 19, 1976352Russ MaherasThe Hulk
158Nov. 26, 1976484Stephen “Flame” TaylorEnemy Ace
159Dec. 3, 1976356Randy LanceKa-Zar
160Dec. 10, 19764+C1188Elton DorvalWallace Wood tribute
161Dec. 17, 1976360Dan HoffmanPrince Valiant
162Dec. 24, 1976364Ken KramerHoward the Duck, Pogo
163Dec. 31, 1976360Jack KatzThe First Kingdom
164Jan. 7, 1977244Randy LanceSuperhero Christmas
165Jan. 14, 1977356Elton DorvalSteve Canyon 30th anniversary
166Jan. 21, 1977360Russ MaherasRobert E. Howard’s Almuric
167Jan. 28, 1977352Steve AdamsConan, Howard the Duck spoof
168Feb. 4, 1977484Russ MaherasConan
169Feb. 11, 1977360Doug PotterGag Donald Duck cover
170Feb. 18, 1977492Aaron McClellan, “K. Alder”Nick Fury, Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.
171Feb. 25, 1977360Doug PotterWonder Woman
172March 4, 1977488“Brown”Doc Savage
173March 11, 1977360Doug HerringThe Eternals (Ikarus)
174March 18, 1977488Tim CorriganThe Hulk, Dragonman
175March 25, 1977360Stephen “Flame” TaylorThe Eternals (Ikarus)
176April 1, 1977488Steve KelezScience fiction (space)
177April 8, 1977356Alan “Jim” HanleyGoodguy
178April 15, 1977480(Full color photo montage)TBG Salutes the Conventions”
179April 22, 1977360Marc HempelIron Man
180April 29, 19775120Donnie PitchfordPopeye
181May 6, 1977484Dan HoffmanTarzan
182May 13, 1977492Marc HempelVampirella, Creepy, Eerie
183May 20, 1977364(Photo cover)Stan Lee
184May 27, 19775104Tim Corrigan, Willie BlybergGalactus, Thor
185June 3, 1977472Russ MaherasScience fiction (space)
186June 10, 19775116Basil WolvertonUgly woman
187June 17, 1977372Robert SusorCaptain America
188June 24, 19774+C1284Randy LanceConan
189July 1, 1977372Steven KelezTarzan
190July 8, 19774+C1396Fred FredericksSalute to stuntman David Sharpe
191July 15, 1977372Randy LanceSwamp Thing, Howard the Duck
192July 22, 1977488Robert SusorConan
193July 29, 1977372William “Bill” BlackDr. Fate, Starman, The Spectre
194Aug. 5, 1977480Roy Kinnard, Russ MaherasFlash Gordon spoof
195Aug. 12, 1977360Bob MurphyRed Ryder
196Aug. 19, 1977476Jay MassenaScience fiction (space)
197Aug. 26, 1977360Shel DorfFrankenstein spoof
198Sept. 2, 1977484Dan HoffmanFlash Gordon
199Sept. 9, 19773+I1468John TotlebenBatman
200Sept. 16, 1977480Alan “Jim” HanleyCartoon montage
201Sept. 23, 1977364(Photo cover)Walter Koenig
202Sept. 30, 1977488Brad CaslorThe Spirit spoof
203Oct. 7, 1977364Jerry OrdwayMarvel heroes battle DC heroes
204Oct. 14, 1977496Dan HoffmanThe Shadow
205Oct. 21, 1977368Jim ChadwickSuperhero battle spoof
206Oct. 28, 1977484Doug HerringSuperhero battle spoof
207Nov. 4, 1977372Eric VincentScience fiction (space)
208Nov. 11, 19775+C15100Charles Clarence “C.C.” Beck(Reprint of TBG 77 cover)
209Nov. 18, 1977372(Photo cover)Superman (Steve Reeves)
210Nov. 25, 1977488Charley ParkerFantastic Four, Nick Fury
211Dec. 2, 1977488Jackson “Butch” GuiceConan, Kull, Kane
212Dec. 9, 19775116“McVay”Science fiction (space)
213Dec. 16, 1977360Fred HembeckComic character montage
214Dec. 23, 1977492Bob MurphyLi’l Abner
215Dec. 30, 1977360Stephen “Flame” TaylorLord Aragorn
216Jan. 6, 1978368Stephen “Flame” TaylorConan
217Jan. 13, 1978364Mike Machlan, Jerry OrdwayAtlas heroes
218Jan. 20, 19784+C1680Alan “Jim” HanleyCaptain Marvel (Shazam), The Spirit
219Jan. 27, 1978356John Fantucchio(Reprint of TBG 1 cover)
220Feb. 3, 19785116Bob MurphyThe Dragon Lady
221Feb. 10, 1978372Larry DeanShang-Chi, Master of Kung Fu
222Feb. 17, 1978484Gary KwopiszThe Simarillion (wolves, castle)
223Feb. 24, 1978484Stephen “Flame” TaylorSword and sorcery (dragon)
224March 3, 1978372Jim ChadwickFantastic Four
225March 10, 1978492Rick StasiSpider-Man, The Creeper
226March 17, 1978488Stephen “Flame” TaylorLord of the Morgul Host
227March 24, 1978364Bret BlevinsScience fiction (space)
228March 31, 19784+C1796Neil Riehle, Sam de la Rosa Star Wars
229April 7, 1978372Dan HoffmanBatman
230April 14, 1978480Stephen “Flame” TaylorRed Sonja
231April 21, 1978484(Photo cover)Noel Sickles, Milton Caniff
232April 28, 19784+I, C1896Stephen “Flame” TaylorHawkman, Hawkgirl
233May 5, 1978372Bruce “B.C.” BoyerThor
234May 12, 1978488Stephen “Flame” TaylorSword and sorcery (castle siege)
235May 19, 1978372Willie PeppersNova battles other heroes (spoof)
236May 26, 19784+C1988Ken KramerR2-D2, Pogo and his pals
237June 2, 1978492Bob MillerSpider-Man
238June 9, 19784+C2092Stephen “Flame” Taylor Fantasia
239June 16, 1978364(Unsigned)Howard the Duck
240June 23, 1978496Paul BiancaMister Miracle
241June 30, 1978476“C. Pealer”Spider-Woman
242July 7, 1978496Stephen “Flame” Taylor Lord of the Rings
243July 14, 1978480Charley ParkerAnnihilus
244July 21, 1978484Mark HeikeIron Man
245July 28, 1978364Brad CaslorDonald Duck, Howard the Duck
246Aug. 4, 1978484(Photo cover)1978 Comic Art Convention
247Aug. 11, 1978368Dan Hoffman, Pete IroPrince Valiant
248Aug. 18, 1978480William GarnettHerbie, Thor, Sif, Volstagg (spoof)
249Aug. 25, 1978368Stephen “Flame” TaylorThe Shadow
250Sept. 1, 1978488Mike Gustovich, “Alder”Superhero
251Sept. 8, 1978488Alan “Jim” HanleyMadman
252Sept. 15, 1978372Fred HembeckJack of Hearts
253Sept. 22, 1978368Jim NewsomeStar Hawks
254Sept. 29, 1978476Dan ClowesScience fiction (space)
255Oct. 6, 1978480Sam de la Rosa, Doug HerringThe Atom
256Oct. 13, 19783+C2172Chester Gould, Rick Fletcher, Max Allan CollinsDick Tracy
257Oct. 20, 19784+I2284Doug HerringSub-Mariner
258Oct. 27, 19784+C2384“V.P.”Fantasy (wizard)
259Nov. 3, 1978372William “Bill” BlackThe Hulk
260Nov. 10, 1978484Jim NewsomeRog 2000
261Nov. 17, 1978480“S. McManus” (Shawn?)Science fiction (space)
262Nov. 24, 1978480John Heebink, Aaron McClellanWonder Woman
263Dec. 1, 1978364Jim NewsomeThor, Odin
264Dec. 8, 19784+C2476Alan “Jim” HanleyFred Hembeck spoof
265Dec. 15, 1978368Stephen “Flame” TaylorSkeleton on horseback
266Dec. 22, 1978480Eddie EddingsConun the Hanna-Barbarian
267Dec. 29, 1978368Fred HembeckDennis the Menace
268Jan. 5, 19793+C2572Stephen “Flame” Taylor“The Fall of Théoden”
269Jan. 12, 1979244(Photo cover)Superman movie
270Jan. 19, 1979356Bob MurphyCharlie Chan
271Jan. 26, 1979340Mitch O’ConnellBatman
272Feb. 2, 1979496Russ MaherasScience fiction (space)
273Feb. 9, 1979248Mark HeikeThe Hulk
274Feb. 16, 1979480Gilbert and Mario HernandezDoom Patrol
275Feb. 27, 1979480Dan HoffmanFrankenstein
276March 2, 1979488Tim FullerSilver Surfer, Warlock, Captain Marvel
277March 9, 1979360Bruce SchwartzScience fiction (space)
278March 16, 19794+I2684Wes CrumThor, Iron Man
279March 23, 1979356Steve CrooksSub-Mariner
280March 30, 1979496Jim NewsomeHoward the Duck, Red Sonya, Devil Dinosaur
281April 6, 1979372Marc HempelScience fiction (space)
282April 13, 197927372Wes CrumHuman Torch, Sub-Mariner
283April 20, 1979480Stephen “Flame” TaylorSword and sorcery
284April 27, 1979283+C2972Tim FullerHorror (werewolf spoof)
285May 4, 1979372Wes CrumThe Spectre
286May 11, 1979372Tim FullerCanine the Barbarian
287May 18, 1979356Steve VanceCaptain Marvel, Ms. Marvel
288May 25, 1979492Adam BurnsSilver Surfer, Ego (spoof)
289June 1, 1979372Eddie EddingsThe Hulk
290June 8, 19795+C30112Wes CrumThor, Ikarus
291June 15, 1979372Jim NewsomeCaptain America
292June 22, 19795100Wes CrumHuman Torch, Spider-Man
293June 29, 1979496Fred HembeckSub-Mariner
294July 6, 1979480Doug HerringGalactus, Sphinx
295July 13, 1979368Wes CrumHuman Torch, Doctor Doom
296July 20, 1979488Eddie EddingsScience fiction (space spoof)
297July 27, 1979372Mitch O’ConnellScience fiction (alien attack)
298Aug. 3, 1979496Brian ClarkeSuperman, Wonder Woman, Hulk spoof
299Aug. 10, 1979480“Jacques”Silver Surfer, Galactus
300Aug. 17, 1979492Rudi FrankeComic characters montage
301Aug. 24, 1979372Par HolmanScience fiction (aliens in comic book store spoof)
302Aug. 31, 1979476Brian HayesSuperman
303Sept. 7, 1979372“Mr. Mystery Artist”Green Arrow
304Sept. 14, 19793+C3164Brian HayesX-Men
305Sept. 21, 1979480Steve LightleFantasy (elf in cave)
306Sept. 28, 1979480Tim FullerHawkman, Adam Strange (spoof)
307Oct. 5, 1979372Brad CaslorScience fiction (space)
308Oct. 12, 1979480Richard “Grass” Green, Doug PotterScience fiction (giant alien woman)
309Oct. 19, 1979368Alan “Jim” Hanley, Dennis JensenCaptain Marvel (Shazam), Captain Marvel
310Oct. 26, 1979372Rich BruningMarvel characters (spoof)
311Nov. 2, 1979372Jackson “Butch” GuiceKillraven, Skar
312Nov. 9, 1979488Fred HembeckMicronauts
313Nov. 16, 1979364Wes CrumWonder Woman, Spider-Woman
314Nov. 23, 1979496Steve KelezScience fiction (aliens and kids)
315Nov. 30, 1979476Wes CrumUnion Jack
316Dec. 7, 19794+I, C3280Jayson “Jay” DisbrowValgar Gunnar
317Dec. 14, 1979460Jim PinkoskiConan, Wonder Woman, Isaac Asimov
318Dec. 21, 19794+C3380Jackson “Butch” GuiceSwamp Thing
319Dec. 28, 1979468D. AndersonScience fiction (futuristic city)
320Jan. 4, 1980364Alan “Jim” HanleyGoodguy, Santa Claus
321Jan. 11, 1980356Brad CaslorFunny animals
322Jan. 18, 1980360Larry “Lynski” JohnsonFantasy (elves in space)
323Jan. 25, 1980368Doug HerringMicronauts, Psycho-Man
324Feb. 1, 1980372Jackson “Butch” GuiceRawhide Kid
325Feb. 8, 1980368Brad CaslorScience fiction (Wood E.C. tribute)
326Feb. 15, 1980488Wes CrumSwamp Thing, Man Thing
327Feb. 22, 1980480Steve KelezFlash Gordon
328Feb. 29, 19804+C3480Terry BeattyBatman
329March 7, 1980360Wendy PiniElfquest
330March 14, 1980484Richard ComelyCaptain Canuck, Uncle Sam
331March 21, 1980480Mitch O’ConnellConan
332March 28, 1980480Wes CrumBlack Knight
333April 4, 1980372Wes CrumHuman Torch
334April 11, 1980480“R. Holmes”Science fiction/sword and sorcery
335April 18, 1980484Mitch O’ConnellConan
336April 25, 19804+C3580Rick McCollumDoctor Fate, Doctor Strange
337May 2, 1980372Jim NewsomeSolomon Kane fights a werewolf
338May 9, 1980368Doug HerringGreen Lantern Corps
339May 16, 1980364Rudi FrankeConan
340May 23, 1980360Wes CrumWarlock, Captain Marvel, Thanos
341May 30, 1980360Carol StricklandWonder Woman, Black Cat, Elasti-Girl, Storm, Ms. Marvel
342June 6, 1980488Rudi FrankeHoward the Duck
343June 13, 1980372Mark Heike(Golden Age hero, pirates)
344June 20, 1980360Jordan FarisBatman
345June 27, 1980488Richard HowellWonder Woman
346July 4, 1980480William “Bill” Black“Howard the Hulk” spoof
347July 11, 1980372Terry BeattyZack Mosley (Smilin’ Jack) tribute
348July 18, 1980368Pete SilviaScience fiction (space spoof)
349July 25, 1980360Tim Fuller“Ace Convoy” (Star Wars spoof)
350Aug. 1, 19803+C3672“Mr. Mystery Artist”Doctor Solar
351Aug. 8, 1980480“S. McManus” (Shawn?)Science fiction (space)
352Aug. 15, 19804+C3780Gary SassamanThe Hulk
353Aug. 22, 1980340+Rudi FrankeConan
354Aug. 29, 1980368William “Bill” BlackCaptain America
355Sept. 5, 1980368Terry BeattyUnderground comix tribute
356Sept. 12, 1980480Jackson “Butch” GuiceStar-Lord
357Sept. 19, 1980356Terry BeattyCensorship and E.C. horror comics
358Sept. 26, 1980372Mitch O’ConnellSwamp Thing
359Oct. 3, 1980372William “Bill Black”“Eggs-Men” Howard the Duck spoof
360Oct. 10, 1980372Terry BeattyThe Spirit, P’Gell
361Oct. 17, 1980372Doug HazlewoodThe Hulk
362Oct. 24, 1980364Rudi FrankeStar Wars spoof
363Oct. 31, 1980364Mark HeikePhantom Lady
364Nov. 7, 1980364Fred HembeckMetamorpho
365Nov. 14, 19803+C3872Jayson “Jay” DisbrowValgar Gunnar
366Nov. 21, 1980372Alan “Jim” Hanley, Dennis JensenAll-American Jack
367Nov. 28, 1980372William “Bill” BlackBatman
368Dec. 5, 19803+C3972Ken HoldenCarl Barks salute (Disney ducks)
369Dec. 12, 1980372Barb RauschKaty Keene
370Dec. 19, 1980484William GarnettTomar-Re, Green Lantern of Xudar
371Dec. 26, 1980472Terry BeattySanta with bag of collectibles
372Jan. 2, 198140360Rudi FrankeConan
373Jan. 9, 1981372“Mr. Mystery Artist”Warlord
374Jan. 16, 198141348Terry BeattyBatman
375Jan. 23, 1981360Rudi FrankeShang Chi, Master of Kung Fu
376Jan. 30, 1981364Eric VincentScience fiction (lizard warriors)
377Feb. 6, 1981372Mark HeikeHorror (Satan confronts two kids)
378Feb. 13, 19813+C4272“B.D. Griffiths,” Dan HoffmanTarzan
379Feb. 20, 1981480“J. Albanese”Doctor Strange, Clea, Eternity
380Feb. 27, 1981476Rudi FrankeSword and sorcery (female warrior)
381March 6, 1981360Mitch O’ConnellScience fiction (space)
382March 13, 1981248John V. CodyScience fiction (space)
383March 20, 19815112Terry BeattyMike Mist, Ms. Tree
384March 27, 1981484Ken HoldenCarl Barks salute (Disney ducks)
385April 3, 1981372Mitch O’Connell, Bill ReinholdCaptain Stern
386April 10, 1981472Terry BeattyDick Tracy
387April 17, 1981372Rudi FrankeThe Hulk
388April 24, 1981368Bill Reinhold, Mitch O’ConnellDoctor Strange
389May 1, 1981364Terry BeattySuperman, Hawkman, Flash Wonder Woman, Green Lantern
390May 8, 1981480Rudi FrankeConan
391May 15, 1981372Milton CaniffThe Dragon Lady
392May 22, 1981480Wes CrumGalactus, Silver Surfer
393May 29, 1981464Jordan FarisScience fiction (space)
394June 5, 1981688William “Bill” BlackGreen Lantern
395June 12, 1981464“J. Albanese”Fantasy (man and dragon)
396June 19, 1981480Russ Maheras(Reprint of TBG 98 cover)
397June 26, 1981360“Vicatan”The Hulk
398July 3, 1981372Ernie B. PatricioScience fiction (space)
399July 10, 1981476Mitch O’ConnellHorror (pirate, girl, living skeletons)
400July 17, 1981372Terry BeattyMontage of 400 character heads


Note1 • TBG 11 had “Feb.” on cover, but was actually January 1971 issue.
Note2 • TBG 18 was first bi-weekly issue.
Note3 • Though TBG was published bi-weekly at this time, only one issue was published in December 1972.
Note4 • The cover of TBG 38 featured four mini “Covers That Almost Made It.” Art by John Cody, Bob Conway, Mike Nicastre and Dick Kulpa.
Note5 • Cover dates for issues 46-52 are best guesses only. For issues dated 45 and earlier, deadline dates on Page 2 were two weeks after cover dates; when the next cover date appeared after a seven-issue lapse, the deadline dates on Page 2 were now two weeks before the cover dates. Issues 51 (Jan. 1, 1974) and 52 (Jan. 15, 1974) were the only issues with publication dates on the inside pages. These issues were dated on the upper right corner of Page 2, above the deadline information.
Note6 • TBG 82 shipped with extra eight-page, tabloid-sized Dynapubs catalog.
Note7 • TBG 87 was the first weekly issue.
Note8 • TBG 92 was misdated. It was the Aug. 22, 1975 issue.
Note9 • TBG 95 was misdated. It was either the Sept. 12 or 13, 1975 issue.
Note10 • TBG 136 was dated slightly out of sequence; should have been June 25, 1976.
Note11 • TBG 160 had extra 12-page Comic City catalog (tabloid-sized).
Note12 • TBG 188 had extra 16-page Moondance Comics catalog (digest-sized).
Note13 • TBG 190 had extra three-section, 52-page Mile High Comics catalog (tabloid-sized).
Note14 • TBG 199 had extra Art of Alex Nino ad insert (tri-fold).
Note15 • TBG 208 had extra full color, 52-page Superhero Enterprises catalog (comic book-sized).
Note16 • TBG 218 had extra full color, 52-page Superhero Enterprises catalog (comic book-sized).
Note17 • TBG 228 had extra 12-page catalog for Doug Sulipa’s Comic World (tabloid-sized).
Note18 • TBG 232 had both an extra 12-page, tabloid-sized Comic City catalog, and a one-sheet, quad-folded fanzine called Ed Savage’s 10-Cent Comics.
Note19 • TBG 236 had extra two-section, 32-page Mile High Comics catalog (tabloid-sized).
Note20 • TBG 238 had extra two-section, 40-page American Comic Book Company catalog (tabloid-sized).
Note21 • TBG 256 had extra 20-page American Comic Book Company catalog, “Pulp Price List #10″ (tabloid-sized).
Note22 • TBG 257 had extra full-color, quad-fold, enamel stock Cinefantastique ad slick with Close Encounters of the Third Kind poster on one side.
Note23 • TBG 258 had extra 12-page Bud Plant Fantasy & Comic Art catalog number 15 (tabloid-sized). Fall/winter 1978.
Note24 • TBG 264 had extra full-color, 52-page Superhero Enterprises catalog (comic book-sized).
Note25 • TBG 268 had extra 12-page Comic City catalog (tabloid-sized).
Note26 • TBG 278 had extra full-color, quad-fold, enamel stock Cinefantastique ad slick with Forbidden Planet poster on one side.
Note27 • TBG 282 was misdated “April 13, 1978.”
Note28 • TBG 284 was misdated “April 27, 1978.”
Note29 • TBG 284 had extra two-section, 28-page American Comic Book Company catalog, Book and Magazine List 1979 (tabloid-sized).
Note30 • TBG 290 had extra 20-page American Comic Book Company “Special Blend” catalog for 1979 (tabloid-sized).
Note31 • TBG 304 had extra 20-page American Comic Book Company “Potpourri” catalog (tabloid-sized).
Note32 • TBG 316 had extra four-section, 72-page American Comic Book Company master catalog 1980 (tabloid-sized); 12-page E.Gerber Products & Comix Corner Auction and Comic Book Sale 1979 (tabloid); and one-sheet, full-color, letter-sized ad for posters from S.Q. Productions.
Note33 • TBG 318 had extra 28-page Bud Plant Fantasy Comic Art catalog number 16 (tabloid-sized).
Note34 • TBG 328 had extra two-section, 40-page American Comic Book Company Paperback Book Catalog 1980 (tabloid-sized).
Note35 • TBG 336 had extra 12-page American Comic Book Company catalog (tabloid-sized).
Note36 • TBG 350 had both an extra four-page American Comic Book Company catalog (tabloid-sized), and a Gerber Products, Inc., catalog
Note37 • TBG 352 had extra 24-page Bud Plant Fantasy Comic Art catalog number 17 (tabloid-sized).
Note38 • TBG 365 had extra four-page American Comic Book Company catalog (tabloid-sized).
Note39 • ¾ TBG 368 had extra 48-page Pacific Comics catalog number 13 (actually 24 tabloid pages).
Note40 • TBG 372 was misdated “Jan. 2, 1980.”
Note41 • TBG 374 was misdated “Jan. 16, 1980.”
Note42 • TBG 378 had an extra four-page Gerber Products, Inc., catalog (page size unknown).

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