CBG Index: #4



The Buyer’s Guide #4


June, 1971

16 pages, 1 section ? Text cover 

Includes lettercol (4 letters)


Mark Evanier contributed to this issue the first editorial column to appear in TBG (called M.E.S.S., a title acronymizing the names of Evanier and its other writer, Steve Sherman). ?They stated this would be a regular column,? Alan Light said in CBG #500, ?but this appearance in #4 was the one and only.?

Advertising his Wonderful World of Comix fanzine was Neal Pozner, who would later serve as art director for DC Comics.


 ?  ?  ?  1971  ?  ?  ? 



Commentary by John Jackson Miller.

Special thanks to Russ Maheras for additional commentary and cover scans!

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