Andrew Smith – Captain Comics
Nationally syndicated comics columnist delivers blasts from the past!
Beau Smith – Dottin’ the Eyes
Saddle up for comics with Comics Buyer’s Guide’s rootin’ tootin’ cowpoke columnist.
Craig Shutt – Ask Mr. Silver Age
Mr. Age spins wonderful webs of silver about his long-running Comics Buyer’s Guide column.
George Hagenauer – Original Art
Comics, strips, paintings – find out more about them here.
Jim Johnson – Ramblings About Comics & Stuff
Regular observations from Obligatory Fight Scene writer and comics reviewer.
John Jackson Miller – Longbox Manifesto
Rap with Comics Buyer’s Guide’s resident columnist about publishing, reading and collecting.
Opinion Xtra
Contributions from a number of contributors. It’s a 21st century APAzine!
Paul Curtis – UnTimely Tales
If you haven’t seen it in decades, it’s UnTimely! Paul presents odd artifacts from comics’ past.
Peter David – But I Digress
Post your questions to everyone’s favorite writer of stuff about his long-running Comics Buyer’s Guide column.
Tony Isabella – Tony’s Other Online Tips
Comics Buyer’s Guide’s first columnist – and the host of its massive review section!

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