Haney and Cardy’s Lost Teen Titans Annual!

I wanted to rap with all you hep cats who (gasp!) don’t always get to the comics store each week to make sure you check out this week’s Teen Titans Lost Annual.

It’s got a cover by Nick Cardy (and Dave Stewart), a story by Bob Haney, and art by Jay Stephens (pencils), Mike Allred (inks) and Laura Allred (colors). The art has a New Frontier-type style to it, which isn’t really Silver Age but has that kind of feel to it. The comic is 64 pages for five smackers.

Oh, yes, it also has a 6-page sketchbook by Nick Cardy, including a full page devoted to variations on Wonder Girl. Ooh, as they say, la la. Plus, a Presidential Appearance!

I haven’t had a chance to read it yet today (some of us, despite appearances, have to work instead of sitting around reading our comics after we hit the comics shop promptly at noon), but it looks groovy. So get hip to the vibe and dig my wavelength!

— Craig Shutt

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6 Responses to Haney and Cardy’s Lost Teen Titans Annual!

  1. dt64 says:

    so when you use words like “lost” and “Haney” does this mean that it was a Haney story from then that was never used? Or something redrawn?

    In the words of Snapper Carr, “I’m flappin’ my ears”


  2. Mr. Silver Age says:

    Well, DC calls it “Lost,” but don’t get your hopes up *that* high. It’s a new story by Bob Haney; the Teen Titans have to free JFK from kidnappers, and that’s anachronistic for the TT, who weren’t even a gleam in Robin’s eye mask until 1964. They don’t use the same patois as made them famous back in the SA, but WG does call the Prez a dreamboat…

    To give you an idea of what the book looks like, here’s an early page.

    — Craig Shutt

  3. Jack Abramowitz says:

    LOL. Someone in the comic store was complaining about that very anachronism. I pointed out that, like the JLA and the JSA, the TT had a “secret origin” that occurred prior to their first recorded appearance, so let’s assume it happened after they were formed but before the normal first app.

    Anyway, I had mixed feelings about this issue. The conclusion was excellent, make no mistake, but it was a little too “Professor X and the Changeling” if you follow my meaning. Wonder Girl’s behavior was inexcusable and out of character, even for the 1960’s. And I think I would have preferred “pure Allred” art rather than just Allred inks. The Cardy pages were excellent, of course, but did he REALLY do that cover? It’s not especially attractive.

    Still, despite its shortcomings – which are pretty small – it’s a fun, nostalgic book. Its timing with Titans Year One is also a happy convergence.

  4. dt64 says:

    Rather than questioning the words “lost” and “Haney”, I should have been questioning the combination of “new” and “Haney”.

    Did the guy pass away in 2004?

    So anyway, I went and looked it up – it was written in 2003 as an Elseworlds which explains all anachronisms I guess.


  5. Jack Abramowitz says:

    Wait – is this the “Titans’ Swinging Elseworlds Special” or whatever it was supposed to be called? Cool.

  6. Mr. Silver Age says:

    I forgot that Bob Haney had died, or I would have understood your question, Andy. My bad.

    I didn’t realize there was an Elseworlds TT story sitting around that had been announced but never produced. Heck, I missed the solicitation for this issue a few months back and was surprised to see it in the store yesterday and see the credits on it! Part of the reason for that is, as was noted, the cover doesn’t really look too Silver Age-y for being signed by Nick Cardy.

    These occasional goodies for SA fans sometimes come out of nowhere. It’s nice that they keep us on our toes.

    — Craig Shutt

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