First Major Book on Harvey Comics’ History Published!!

Yeah, I know this is a blatant plug, but I have to mention this so you know I am not just spamming everyone here. I will respond to everyone’s comments.


Now you can get my first book “The Best of The Harveyville Fun
Times!” available from the November “Diamond Previews” (see page 363) or online on “Tony’s Online Tips” page from 11/20/06

Front cover by Shelley Pleger (“Mickey Mouse”, “Shanda the Panda”)

Back cover by Ernie Colon (“The 9/11 Report”, “Richie Rich”)

Forward by Tony Isabella (“Tony’s Online Tips”, Marvel Comics)

Edited by Mark Arnold (“Hogan’s Alley”, “ComicBase”, “Atomic Mouse”)

400 pages! Full color covers! Complete Harvey Comics history!

Order your copy today! Only $29.95!

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2 Responses to First Major Book on Harvey Comics’ History Published!!

  1. WLLilly says:

    …Mark , did you see Baby Huey’s appearance in Bill Griffith’s ” ZIPPY ” syndicated strip , recently ?????????

  2. Mark Arnold says:

    No, I haven’t. Don’t read Zippy regularly much anymore. Anyway to post it or send it to me? I’m at



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