Reprint Books .

Okay , what about reprint titles – Comic books-formay publications that feature reprints ?
In an age of mass book reprints are they really needed anymore ?
Many here , mineself included , remember Silver/Bronze-Age reprint titles , especially giant ones , fondly .
But , again , with TPBs and HCs…Beyond , possibly , tickling the nostalgia bone of such older , in general fans as we ( Myself most definitely included !!!!!!! ) , and , maybe , providing a little low end of the scale-market/discount store/” indulgent parent/budget label ” material , which might be the purpose of Marvel’s Spider-Man Family…What about ’em in th’ Oughties , anyhow ?????????
I guess Marvel’s been , both , tickling that nostalgia and , I would suppose , trying to keep their ” Giant-Sized ______ ” trademarks alive with the recent one-shot GSs , which echo the 70s ones . Think they’ll try to protect ” Giant-Sized Man-Thing ” ? Huh huh huh huh huh . They did have , in the 70s , generic phrases like “…Vampires ” and “…MOnsters ” , or similar , IIRC .
Some years ago , DC had some quite delightful Prestige Format ” retro giants ” , which were listed every month in Previews as books ( Are they still ??????? ) , and which were available from Amazon.Com as books , though they don’t seem to be anymore . They comprised both reprints of 80-Page/100-Page Giants from the past , and ” as if ” new ones .
Actually , after a 70s where they heavily relied on reprints , DC and Marvel both marked the beginning of the 80s by discontinuing most of them ! Perhaps?? most noticably , if not nessearily the most notable , was Marvel’s discontinuation of nearly all of their ” Marvel’s Miteiest Reprints ” 32-page titles , Marvel’s Greatest Comics , Marvel Special Edition , Double Feature , etc. Given that these titles , by then , drew on late 60s to early 70s Marvel stuff , could it be that a ” Let’s not compete too much with our new freind the comic shops , and their back issue stocks ” might’ve been at least one factor ? How much , say , were CAPTAIN AMERICA issues from #s 100-120 going for in the early 80s . anyhow ?

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  1. Gary Dunaier says:

    The comic-book size/format reprints give fans a taste of the earlier stories without having to spend a bundle on them.

    It’s wonderful that we have so many collections out there – Masterworks, Archives, Fantagraphics’ Peanuts, Popeye and Dennis collections – but the high price point can be a roadblock to someone who is curious but doesn’t want to make that big a financial commitment on something he may not necessarily like.

  2. WLLilly says:

    …Oh , certain;y , and I am a big enthusiast for comic-format reprints , as I think my previous posts here might have made fairly(??) clear .

  3. Lee Houston, Junior says:

    As much as I love the reprints myself, there has to be a happy medium in regards to the price.
    Archives are averaging about $50 a volume now and do not even include all the issues, just the main focus character. The Superman Action Comics stories, the Batman Detective Comics stories, etc. What about the rest of the features from each issue?
    Marvel’s Essentials and DC’s new Showcase editions are more cost efficient, but just black and white on cheaper paper.
    DC’s replica 80pg Giants were an interesting medium, but at $5.99, not exactly cost efficent for a monthly from the average buyer’s economic point of view.
    The origina 80pg giantls were definitely more cost efficent for the average reader of the time, but there was more of a theme than a chronological perspective (issue 1, issue 2, etc.) to each one.
    DC’s other reprint titles of the day were all theme oriented; Strange Sports Stories, Secret Origins, etc. Marvel’s various reprint titles for the most part “filled the bill”, but neither would not be feasible nowadays.
    Now if only there could be an economic and enjoyable archives format that gave the reader the “complete package” of each issue…
    Hey, a man can dream, can’t he? *sigh*

  4. WLLilly says:

    …Well , I think the rason for Supes , Batty , Archives that focus on the main character – And , are upfront about it . – should be obvious .
    With prices $2.99 now , I don’t think $5.99 ( Granted , regular titles were , what , $2.25 then , with kids’ and ” meat and potatoes ” titles $1.99?? – Both DC and Marvl have given up on that last idea , incidentally , all mainstream titles now being ” the full ” $2.99 . ) , for a slick cover/better paper , looks all that bad !!!!!!!!!

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