Time travel in the DC universe?

Here’s one for the continuity cops out there:

Post-Crisis on Infinite Earths, wasn’t it established that there were a limited number of ways (I believe it was four) to travel through time in the DC universe and each method could only be used once?

I know one was Rip Hunter’s Time Sphere and another was the Legion’s Time Bubbles, but what were the others, and can anyone show examples of anyone violating/breaking that “rule”?

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3 Responses to Time travel in the DC universe?

  1. Strephon says:

    Here’s a good overview of the development (and subsequent abandonment) of this idea:


    –Doug Atkinson

  2. christopher7murphy says:

    mmmm lets see….

    1) One could scream real loud and circle the earth until it looks like everything was running backwards.

    2) Burst through giant sheets of paper that look like loose pages of a calendar.

    3) Fix the second hand on a clock to run backwards.

    4) Visit your friend the “doctor” of hyptnotics..and strap yourself to his machine where he slips you a mickey and you wake up with a doctor’s bill that would make a millionair and his ward think, “Wow, I MUSTA been in the past…hope I didnt talk in my sleep…”

    or am I thinking “Pre-Post Crisis” (The cereal with Zoinks!)

    Chris Murphy

  3. christopher7murphy says:


    I remember the Time Backpacks that Rip needed to get back , effectivly burning up his current opptions of time traveling. But I thought it was just because of his current access to technology. In the future, the Legion could have repeated travels because of the evolution of the tech….except when the Time Trapper interfered and blocked it with his even MORE evolved technology.

    Chronos used current technology to start out, but his adventures built on that tech as he traveled forward, learning and stealing from the future. Chronos could have abused the low tech at first, damaging himself, but still he got better at time traveling. Yet the damage to his mind and body was done. The Linear Men were the same, but on a much more advanced level…explaining thier cyborg parts.

    Waverider and the Flash and Green Lantern (..and various other charactors) could use yet other means by use of thier individual powers, future or alien technology (obviuously the aliens were further along in present study than Rip Hunter), or thier Meta-gene.

    Chris Murphy

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