Who has the biggest comic collection?

Who has the biggest private collection (no dealer stock/duplicates)?

TOP 5 Publishers…

DC: 17,307
Marvel: 5,957
Fleetway: 2,119
DC Thomson: 2,093
Crossgen: 572

Others: 2,567

TOTAL: 30,615

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38 Responses to Who has the biggest comic collection?

  1. Earl says:

    My latest collection statistics…

    Made up of…

    Total collection = 30,728

    TOP 5 Publishers in my collection are…

    DC: 17,402
    Marvel: 5,959
    Fleetway: 2,119
    DC Thomson: 2,094
    Crossgen: 572

    Others: 2,582

  2. John Jackson Miller says:

    I think Chuck Rozanski’s warehouse stock was at 12 million copies at one point… but I guess that doesn’t count.

    I would be surprised if Steve Geppi didn’t own a copy of just about everything he’s ever distributed.

    ComicBase sure makes those counts easy to do, doesn’t it?

  3. Walter says:

    …What are those numbers relating to , Earl ?
    You list Brits DC Thomson and Fleetway – I’m aware , I think , that DC Thomson ( Now owned by Time-Warner , actually . ) has British comics stuff going back to the 30s and before-? , and , with most ” older ” British titles having been weekly ( Or bi-weekly . ) , are you counting every title DCT and Fleet. ever put out as ” one ” ? Or , even every issue ?
    Likewise , every DC title being ” one ” , both ACTION COMICS and LARRY HARMON’S LAUREL AND HARDY ? Or , 800+ ACTIONSs* and 1 LHLAH ?
    The latter , since I tend to doubt that Cross-Gen put out 572 different titles – Issues of titles , I guess , possibly . – in their few years of life ?
    Does Fleetway publish those WAR LIBRARY digests ?
    DCT has…is it the BEANO and the DANDY , the two originating anthology kid’s titles , that are still in business ? I don’t believe that I have ever , ever , in my entire life seen a physical copy of either ( or War Library either ) , so…

    *-831 ! Got my comics today…

  4. Earl says:

    Sorry, those numbers are the number of unique issues I hold from each publisher. i.e I have over 17,000 DC Comics.

  5. Earl says:

    DC Thomson is a Dundee based company and is not owned by Time Warner. You may be confusing them with Fleetway, the comics imprint of IPC Magazines which is owned by Time Warner.


  6. comicfan42 says:

    i have over 7000 comic books marvel & dc combined with a box of independent comics included in the count.SIGNED ROBERT J TROIDL

  7. Walter says:

    …Yes , thank you .
    I knew T-W had acquired a long-standing British comics company’s assets (thus that mini by the Moores , in fact- Actually , are the characters seen as ” pert of ” DC , as the Quality and Charlton-acuired characters are , or , as something belonging to another part of T-W , which they tend just had DC do a comic of ????? ) . or , the whole Brit company , including their comics stuff…
    Just Fleetway , not DC Thomson . What about my ?s about Beano , etc. ?

  8. Michael Tierney says:

    I’m down to a meager personal comic collection of 10,000.

    It was many times larger before I sectioned the biggest chunk to open my first store, 24 years ago. And I’ve been whittling down, ever since.

    Now… if I added the inventory I’ve added at two stores over the last few decades… we’d be talking a whole ‘nother set of numbers and zeros!

  9. Earl says:

    DC Thomson is still producing comics but is down to just a few titles. A shame for a company that has published over 30,000 issues since the 1930’s. The only surviving Thomson Comics are; Beano, Dandy and Commando (The long running titles) plus Fun Size Dandy, Fun Size Beano, Classics from the Comics and a few Specials and Annuals.


  10. Earl says:

    Here is a checklist I put together in March. It is likley not complete.

    DC Thomson Comics (37,252)

    Issues marked with a * indicate the highest numbered issue that I have seen. The actual last issue number is not known.

    Air Flights of Flyer Hart: 1 Issue: TOTAL=1
    Arthur Askey’s Annual: 1 Annual: TOTAL=1
    Bananaman: 4 Annuals, 1 Special: TOTAL=5
    Bash Street Kids: 21 ANNUALS, 7* SPECIALS: TOTAL=28
    Beano: 3270 Issues, 67 Annuals 39 Specials: TOTAL: 3356
    Beano and the Dandy: 18 Annuals: TOTAL= 18
    Beano Comics Library: 329* Issues, TOTAL=329
    Beano Special (NEW SERIES): 6 Issues, TOTAL=6
    Beano Superstars: 93 Issues*, TOTAL= 93
    Beezer: 1809 Issues, 46 Annuals 30 Specials TOTAL= 1885
    Beezer and Topper: 153 Issues, TOTAL= 153
    Beryl The Peril: 13 Annuals, TOTAL= 13
    Best of the Beezer: 31* Issues, TOTAL= 31
    Best of The Topper: 28* Issues, TOTAL=28
    Bimbo: 567 Issues 24 Annuals TOTAL= 591
    Black Bob: 7 Annuals, TOTAL=7
    Broons and Our Wullie: 9 Annuals, TOTAL=9
    Broons: 29 Annuals, 1 Special, TOTAL=30
    Buddy: 130 Issues TOTAL= 130
    Bullet: 147 Issues, 1 Special, TOTAL=148
    Bunty Vol1: 2249 Issues, 45 Annuals, 37 Specials, TOTAL= 2331
    Bunty Vol2: 5 Issues, TOTAL:5
    Bunty Judy: 2 Specials, TOTAL=2
    Bunty Picture Library, 402 Issues TOTAL= 402
    Buzz, 103 Issues, TOTAL:103
    Captain Cosmic 1 Hardcover, TOTAL:1
    Champ, 87 Issues, TOTAL: 87
    Cheire, 160 Issues, TOTAL: 160
    Classics from the Comics, 104 Issues, TOTAL: 104
    Commando, 3800* Issues, 1 Annual, TOTAL: 3801
    Cracker, 87 Issues, TOTAL: 87
    Crunch, 54 Issues, TOTAL: 54
    Dandy, 3304 Issues, 67 Annuals, 39 Specials, TOTAL: 3399
    Dandy Beano Summer Special: 1 Special, TOTAL: 1
    Dandy Comics Library, 330* Issues, TOTAL: 330
    Debbie, 518 Issues, 5 Annuals, TOTAL=523
    Debbie Picture Library, 195 Issues, TOTAL=195
    Dennis The Menace, 33 Annuals, TOTAL=33
    Desperate Dan, 5 Annuals, TOTAL=5
    Diana, 720 Issues, 20 Annuals, TOTAL= 740
    Emma. 81 Issues, TOTAL= 81
    Football Picture Story Monthly, 412 Issues TOTAL= 412
    Fun Size Beano 176 Issues, TOTAL=176
    Fun Size Dandy 150* Issues, TOTAL=150
    Girl of the Islands 1 Issue, TOTAL=1
    Hoot, 53 Issues, TOTAL=53
    Hornet, 648 Issues, TOTAL= 648
    Hotspur, 1110 Issues, 1 Special, 19 Annuals, TOTAL=1130
    Jackie** ? Comic Issues, ? Comic Annuals, TOTAL=?
    Judy, 1635 Issues, 33 Annuals, TOTAL= 1668
    Judy Picture Library, 374* Issues, TOTAL=374
    Legend of Desperate Dan, 1 HC, TOTAL=1
    Legend of Lord Snooty 1 HC, TOTAL=1
    Little Star 209 Issues, 10* Annuals, TOTAL= 219
    Lucky Charm, 30 Issues, TOTAL= 30
    Magic Vol1, 80 Issues, 2 Annuals, TOTAL=82
    Magic Vol2, 161 Issues, TOTAL= 161
    Mandy 1269 Issues, 35 Annuals TOTAL= 1304
    Mandy and Judy, 313 Issues, TOTAL= 313
    Mandy Picture Library, 197* Issues, TOTAL= 197
    Nikki 237 Issues, TOTAL= 237
    Nutty 292 Issues, TOTAL= 292
    Oor Wullie 31 Annuals, 14 Specials, TOTAL=45
    Plug 75 Issues, TOTAL=75
    Red Dagger 30 Issues, TOTAL=30
    Romeo 887 Issues, TOTAL= 887
    Rover Midget Comic, 1 Issue, TOTAL=1
    Scoop 194 Issues 7* Annuals TOTAL= 201
    Sparky 652 Issues 14 Annuals TOTAL= 666
    Spellbound 69 Issues TOTAL= 69
    Spike 67 Issues, TOTAL=67
    Star Love Stories Library 1204* Issues, TOTAL=1204
    Starblazer 281 Issues Total=281
    Suzy 249 Issues TOTAL= 249
    Topper 1963 Issues, 40 Annuals, 10 Specials, TOTAL 2013
    Topps 121 Issues, TOTAL= 121
    Tracy 277 Issues, TOTAL= 277
    Twinkle 1490* Issues, ? Annuals, ? Specials, TOTAL= 1490
    Victor 1657 Issues, 29 Annuals, 26 Specials, TOTAL= 1712
    Warlord 627 Issues, 9 Annuals, 7 Specials, TOTAL= 643
    Warlord Peter Flint 1 Special, TOTAL=1
    Wizard 435 Issues, TOTAL=435
    Wizard Magic Comic 1 Issues, TOTAL=1

  11. Earl says:

    Thomson does still distribute to canada each week so these should be findable if you try hard.


  12. Earl says:

    You also asked about Crossgen’s output. Therere were at least 623 plus a few TPB reprints. Here is the known checklist..

    Abadazad (Regular:3), (Reprint:1A) Total=4
    Archards Agents (Regular:3) Total=3

    Brath (Regular:14)(Prequel:1) Total=15
    Brian Pulido’s Lady Death: A Medievil Tale (Regular12) Total =12
    Brian Pulido’s Lady Death: Wild Hunt (Regular:2) (Variant:1A) Total=3

    Chimera (Regular:4) Total=4
    Crossgen Chronicles (Regular:8) (Variant:1) (Reprint:2) Total=9
    Crossgen Illustrated (Regular:1) Total=1
    Crossgen Primer (Regular:1) Total=1
    Crossgen Sampler (Regular:1) Total=1
    Crossgenesis (Regular:1) (Reprint:1A) Total =2
    Crossovers, the (Regular:9) Total=9
    Crux (Regular:33) (TPB:3) Total=36

    Dragons Lair (Regular:3) (Variant:1) Total=4

    Edge (TPB:13) Total =13
    El Cazador (Regular:6) (Reprint;1) Total=7
    El Cazador: Blackjack Tom (Regular:1) Total=1
    El Cazador Collected Edition (Regular:1) Total =1

    First, the (Regular:37) (Variant:1) (TPB:3) Total=41
    Forge (TPB:13) Total=13

    Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (Regular:5) Total=5

    Mark of Charon (Regular:5) Total=5
    Masters of the Universe Rise of the Snake Men (Regular:3) Total=3
    Masters of the Universe Icons of Evil (Regular:3) Total=3
    Masters of the Universe Power of Fear (Regular:1) Total=1
    Masters of the Universe Season One Encyclopedia (Regular:1) Total=1
    Meridian (Regular:44) (Variant:1A) TPB(4) Reprint(1) Traveller(2) Total=52
    Mystic (Regular:43) Variant(1A) TPB(4) Traveller(1) Total=50

    Negation (Regular:27) (TPB:2) Prequel(1) Total=30
    Negation War (Regular:2) Total=2
    Negation:Lawbringer (Regular:1) Total=1

    Path (Regular:23) (TPB:2) (Prequel:1) (Traveller:1) Total=27

    R.A. Salvatore’s Demon Wars: Eye for an Eye (Regular:5) Total=5
    R.A Salvatore’s Demon Wars: Trail by Fire (Regular:5) (TPB:1) Total=6
    Red Star (Regular:2) HC(1) Total=3
    Rob Zombies Spookshow (Regular:3) Total=3
    Route 666 (Regular:22) (TPB:1) Total=23
    Ruse (Regular:26) (TPB:2) (Traveller1) Total=29

    Saurians (Regular:2) Total=2
    Scion (Regular:43), Variant(1A) TPB(4) Traveller(2). Total=50
    Sigil (Regular:42) Variant(1A) TPB(4) Total=47
    Silken Ghost (Regular:5) Total=5
    Snake Plisken (Regular:2) Variant(1B,1C,1D,1E 2B) Total=8
    Sojourn (Regular:34) (TPB:4) (Prequel:1) (Traveller:1) Total=40
    Sojourn Collected Edition (Regular=1) Total=1
    Solus (Regular:8) Total=8
    Space Ace (Regular:3)(Variant:1) Total=4

    Tales of the Realm (Regular:2) Total=2

    Way of the Rat (Regular:24) (Variant:1A), TPB(1) Total=26
    Way of the Rat Cine Edition (Regular:1) Total:1


  13. Earl says:

    Here is some info I put together for ComicsPriceGuide.com back in April.

    Only the bravest collector would attempt to put together a full set of comics from the publishing house known at various points as ‘The Amalgamated Press’ (AP), The International Press Corporation (IPC) and the imprint it used for it’s comics line in the 1960’s and 1980’s and by which this publisher is generally known – ‘Fleetway’.

    The UK based publisher was truly international with it’s comics distributed and sold in Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Malysia and many more besides the United Kingdom.

    The company was founded by Alfred Charles William Harnsworth and the first comic it published was Comic Cuts in 1890. Many site Comic Cuts as the first fully sequential ongoing UK comic. Comic Cuts was to last for an amazing 63 years and 3006 issues. Harnsworth followed up this success with a number of other titles during the 1890’s, including the equally successful ‘Illustrated Chips’, which also ran for 63 years. Initially Harnworth used a number of publishing imprints but eventually settled on ‘The Amalgamated Press’ for his empire of titles, generally referred to as ‘AP’ by collectors of the day.

    AP operated out of Fleetway House and the Fleetway name had a long association with company.

    AP dominated the UK comics market for 100 years, challenged only by the titles of Henderson in the Victorian Era, DC Thomson from the 1930’s onwards and Hulton’s The Eagle in the 50’s.

    In 1960 AP merged with the Mirror Group of Newspapers and the company was renamed The International Press Corporation better known as IPC. The merger saw the introduction of the Imprint ‘Fleetway’ on many of their comics during the 1960’s and the 1980’s, although the IPC label appeared on much of the 1970’s output. The best-known comic they published during the 1970’s was the SC-Fi title 2000AD.

    In July 1987 the comics division of IPC was sold to The Maxwell Group who continued to publish the IPC line using the Fleetway imprint until October 1991.

    IPC retained the copyright to any characters not in publication at the time of the sale to Maxwell. In October 1991 Maxwell entered into a joint venture with Scandinavian Publisher Gutenburghus Press (Egmont) who had already brought out the small UK publisher ‘London Editions’. The joint venture published titles under the Fleetway editions banner. The following month Maxwell committed suicide and the company went into receivership. In January 1992 Egmont brought out Maxwell’s remaining 50% and the 101-year history of AP/IPC was no more.

    The UK newsstand trade was in trouble during the 90’s with dwindling sales. IPC had stopped publishing comics in 1987. Although Egmont now owned most of IPC’s characters and the licence to publish Disney comics in the UK sales continued to fall and Egmont eventually cancelled it’s comics line. In August 2000 is sold the 2000AD title and characters to UK games company Rebellion. There was little interest in the rest of the titles.


    1890 Harmsworth launches his first comic – Comic Cuts
    1890’s Harmsworth launches other comics using a number of imprints
    Late 1890’s Harmsworth’s comics united under the AP banner
    1960 AP merges with Mirror Newspapers to become IPC. The Fleetway imprint starts.
    1987 Fleetway comics sold to Maxwell Group.
    1991 Maxwell and Egmont enter into 50/50 comics publishing venture. (Fleetway Editions
    1992 Egmont buys out Maxwell. The 101 year history of AP/IPC comes to an end.
    2000 Egmont gives up publishing comics in the UK. Only 2000AD survives under new publisher Rebellion.

    With over 50,000 issues published there is a wealth of material to collect dating from 1890 to 1991.

  14. Walter says:

    …So , bar the 2000AD family , all of Fleetway’s comics are 100% out of , discontinued from , publication now ?
    Maybe you state that clearly above ( I am EXTREMELY! hurried ! ) , so , if so , please excuse…

  15. Gary Dunaier says:

    Unless I’ve mis-read something, I don’t think any of this relates to the question posed by the original poster.

    Originally posted by Earl:
    Who has the biggest private collection (no dealer stock/duplicates)?

    Who has the biggest private collection, not who’s published the most titles.

    Again, unless I’ve mis-read something.

  16. Earl says:

    Hi Walter. Yes you are correct. 2000AD and the Judge Dredd Megazine (now published by Rebellion) are the only survivors.

    Hi Gary. Yes we have drifted off the original subject. Sorry.


  17. Tony Isabella says:

    In addition to 2000 AD and Judge Dredd Megazine, Rebellion also published 2000 AD Extreme. The third mag reprints classic and not-so-classic 2000 AD material at a reasonable price. It’s great fun.

    Tony Isabella

  18. Walter says:

    …Thank you .
    What Tony Isabella said , regarding 2AD Extreme .
    I must add that I think I groaned a bit at that title when I saw it first , thinking ” what , was the tendency of ” EXTREME ” every-flippin’-thing-in-the-globe reaching England belatedly , just as it had ( Finally ! ) begun to die out here ?????!?!??? ” , more or less ??!!
    I don’t think it’s wrong , that the ” conversation ” of a line goes OT , rambles on into other things…
    Frankly , tho I see that you , Earl , did say ” Who’s got the largest collection ?…Perhaps it didn’t flat out say ” This is my collection re: these publishers ” clearly enough , so , if Gary wishes to get angry…( Heh heh heh !!!!!!!!! )

  19. John Jackson Miller says:

    I used to have my numbers at the ready (even before computers) but am about three years behind on my ComicBasing. And my shelving, for that matter. My triage area is growing by the day…

  20. Tim Baldwin says:

    No idea. Anyone know what 35 long boxes would translate to?

    Add to that about 1,000 graphic novels/trade paperbacks.

  21. luvs-silver says:

    i’ve got a little over 300 long boxes which have approx. 300 books per . as to duplication , i have about only 3 to 4 k in dupes . i’ve been buying comics since 1968 and have never sold any books ever .i’ve got them stored in my house taking up the biggest room . it’s a real chore to keep them organized , but i do so every year when i take my 3 weeks vacation .

    in case anybody is wondering , i have the following
    gold key

    these make up most of the companies but have a smattering of other companies as well

  22. kimota94 says:

    Hmm, this is a question I’m always wondering: just where DOES my personal collection rank in the bigger scheme of things? I know I have one of the largest collections in my neck of the woods, but that’s not saying all that much.

    Anyway, to answer the question: I have 25,351 comics, as of this week. I know the # because I just finished adding the last 2 weeks’ purchases to my comic inventory system (a Java program I wrote that uses an SQL D/B to record the lists of companies, titles and issues that I have, and generates a Wants List by locating and listing the holes). I don’t have the breakdown by company handy (although it’s an easy query to do) but I’d guess that it’s roughly 55% DC, 40% Marvel and 5% other (predominantly First, Eclipse and Wildstorm). I’m in the process of filling out some Silver Age runs, focusing on Superhero titles as I’m not really into the Humour, Horror or Western stuff. I think I have about 90 – 95% of the Silver Age comics that fit that criterion, and pretty much all of the stuff I want after the Silver Age. Which, of course, means that once I finish out the Silver Age I’m going to have to turn my attention to *gulp* the Golden Age…

  23. Earl says:

    My latest collection statistics…

    Total collection = 30,806

    TOP 5 Publishers in my collection are…

    DC: 17,466
    Marvel: 5,960
    Fleetway: 2,119
    DC Thomson: 2,094
    Crossgen: 575
    Others: 2,592

  24. rusty says:

    I don’t use Comic Base for my collection. I just use a word processor to make a list of what I have. I estimate that I have around 60000 or so comic books, spread over 200+ long boxes. This includes a complete run of Richie Rich, a near complete run of Archie’s main titles and long runs of all major DC titles and many Marvel titles back to the mid60s or before plus lots of other humor books, Dells, Gold Keys, Dark Horse, and lots of other publishers. I’ve thinned out and gotten rid of a few thousand issues over the years that I wasn’t that interested in anymore, including lots of issues of Thor and Hulk, keeping only the issues I liked from those titles.

  25. OylE says:

    Well, I know it’s not me. For my over 40yrs of collecting, I only have a little over 10,000. 80% are DC’s as DCs are the best. Almost NONE Gold Keys, Dells, Harveys, etc. Lots of underground stuff, as I went through my own hippie phase back in the 70s. 10% are Marvels, I strated collecting Marvels about when Peter married Mary Jane. MJ has always been a hottie, so seeing her finally happy was nice to see.

  26. John Jackson Miller says:

    Rusty, that is a collection worth seeing. I don’t think many people have complete runs on Richie Rich or Archies!

  27. rusty says:

    I think Jamie from Graham Crackers has a complete Archie run and I have a friend of mine who is closing in on Archie run himself. He has most of the early Peps, though, along with Archie #1. I don’t need as many issues, but my earliest issue is Archie #5 and I need a lot of 40s Peps. We both completed our Archie digest collections a couple of years ago and have been whittling away on the regular size ones. I’m doing pretty good on Disneys from the 50s up as well, though a few of the Whitman short prints are going to be tough.

  28. William Gatevackes says:

    I’m going to print this thread out whenever my wife tells me my collection of 17, 426 books (and growing) is too big! “Look, this one has $30,000, that one has $60,000!”


  29. William Gatevackes says:

    Yes, I heartily endorse ComicBase (and not just because I write for the company). I have been using the program for years and love all the bells and whistles you get with it. Especially the variety of reports you can print using it.

    And since it has been 15 months since my last post in this thread, allow me to show you how my collection has grown:

    Total Comics:19,639

    Top 5 Companies:
    8,975 Marvel
    7,769 DC
    656 Image
    528 Vertigo
    411 Valiant

    About 2,000 books in little over a year. At this rate, I am going to have to buy another house for my collection!

    And yes, I got these numbers off of Comicbase


  30. psicelt says:

    heh, think i’ll reference this thread whenever my significant other, soon-to-be wife starts up about the lack of space in the house, & why does my library take up 2 bedrooms in a 3 bedroom house? (Answer: i got the books first!) She accepts my idiosyncracies, & even goes with me to Megacon; & doesn’t really mind my spending a bundle on books, since they tend to appreciate in value. my totals are estimates, as i lost my comicbase data(with version 3.0) on an old pc that crashed. guess i should ante up again, it’s gotta be even better now, right?
    60something long boxes; 50% Marvel, 40% DC, 10% others. approx 225 books(bagged/boarded) per box = 13,500
    12 magazine boxes of comic mags, 70 per box = 840
    9 short boxes of high $$$ books in the fireproof safe; all the Gold/Silver stuff, as well as any book listed in Overstreet for more than $30; also 3 boxes of signed books = 600
    300+ issues of DRAGON magazine
    3 boxes of role playing game modules = 210
    4 boxes of gun magazines(Thank GOD for the 2nd Amendment!) = 280 mags
    3 bookcases full of paperbacks, hardbacks, all fantasy/SF = 1600
    Dungeons & Dragons hardback rule books, other comics-related publications = 400
    grand total of well over 17000 books spanning a variety of fantasy/SF/RPG, etc, etc, etc…you get the idea. and i haven’t even factored in the stuff i just bought this past weekend at Megacon 2007…
    liked the comment above relating to triage; I COMPLETELY UNDERSTAND & AGREE!

  31. Brent Frankenhoff says:

    You’ll definitely want to upgrade ComicBase. The latest version is 11 and there are various editions available. Visit http://www.comicbase.com for pricing.

    One of the best new features, introduced in Version 10, is the handheld scanner support. It’s so fast as to be unbelievable.

    You can also check out another great new feature here.

  32. georgehagenauer2 says:

    Bigger isn’t necessarily good. Had a friend who pulled one copy of every issue he got. Did it for years. Had a great collection Golden age to present. Lived above his store.

    One day he went to the post office, came back his apartemnt and his collection was i n the store. Weight sheared through the floor rafters.

    He lost everything ended up homeless for a while, the colelction in storage was sold for scrap and made it back onto the market via flea markets by the guy who bought it at a delinquent storage sale.

    True story.

    Moral – bigger aint necessarily the way to go. Don’t keep everything.

    And for God’s sake check the weight load on those joists!

    Me my collection is mainly in a cliamte controlled room in the basement. Have no idea how many books are down there. I’m limited to one room by my wife,

  33. William Gatevackes says:

    Well, since I live in a condo made of metal and reinforced concrete, I think I’ll be safe for a little while.

    Besides, I only have 20,000 comics. If he was keeping one of every comic that came through that store, he’d have reached that number in a year (if not sooner). I do buy a lot of comic books a year, but I’m not that fast.

  34. DellComicFan says:

    This is a great thread. I am constantly interested in how many comics people have and where they put them, how they organize the comics, etc.

    I purchased a 40 ft freezer van that is triple-tarped and sitting next to my garage. I have heat and light in the container, as well as 18 gorilla racks stacked nearly full of comics. You can get 30 long boxes on a rack (5 shelves, double layer on top, 5 astride), so I have somewhere in the vicinity of 400 to 450 long boxes of comics, including five racks of Marvel, 5 racks of DC, one rack of Archie, one of Dell, one of Gold Key, and the rest is filled out with Charlton, Classics, Giveaways, some indies, Golden age, and so on.

    I am mostly a Dell, Gold Key and Whitman fan (hence the moniker). I have approximately 70% of all the Dells that have been published, including a full run of the Dell Four Color Series 1 and 2 and nearly all (need just one!) of the Large Feature Comics Series 1 and 2. I also have nearly all of the Gold Key and most of the Whitmans that have been published.

    I wrote my own software program to catalog the collection. Using Access as the database and Visual Basic, I wrote a checklist based application that can generate lists and allows me to filter my searches quickly. I had always intended to port the app to a PDA, but never got the time. Some day…

    I am certain there are monster collections out there. I would love to walk through some of the warehouses holding the comics for Sulipa, Koch, and the others with large inventories. I would love to learn how they process these books, sort grade, dither into boxes, etc. They probably have these processes worked out to a science.

    Alas, I have spoken long enough.

    Warm Regards,

    — Pat

  35. William Vanderburg says:

    All I want to say to the last post here is…. well, I can’t say it in a public forum!

  36. bergdoll says:

    My collection is much smaller than the collections here – and, if I could, I would sell about 25% of it to get more of the issues I really want.

    My problem is that I am more of a reader – so I sell anything with value (except my Ducks and select series) whenever I can get a deluxe hardcover that reprints it.

    For example, I enjoy my Absolute Sandman issues more than the individual ones (they are easier to locate and are printed larger!).

    I’ve just starting the Whitman collecting bug – so I am sure to have space issues sooner or later!

  37. Barry1966 says:

    I have about 4,000 comics total. Seems like nothing compared to some of you guys.

  38. dogwelder says:



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