Robot Chicken

Hey, what about this Robot Chicken on Cartoon Network? ANyone know where I can find an episode guide? This show is excellent, why is it so short? It almost never runs over 15 minutes. And it’s often very hard to find on the schedule; I almost never know when it’s on until about a half hour before.

Excellent show, though. Maybe it can get nominated for an award? Is there an Eisner for animated shows? Maybe they should create one. Or an Emmy for animated shows? Not sure if there is one or not, but I say there should be…..

Anybody else out there like Robot Chicken…????

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  1. Maggie Thompson says:

    You’ll want to check the website I routinely use when looking for information on TV series. Specifically, in this case, take a look at its Robot Chicken listing.

    There’s lots of information here — not to mention plot summaries and the like, when you hit the hyperlinks.

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