Today’s Comics Guide: April 10, 2011

Sunday, April 10, 2011


• Have you checked out the Eisner Award nominees for this year? It’s an eclectic mix of projects and creators. (Brent Frankenhoff)

• After several different titles have been attached to the prequel/reboot of the Planet of the Apes, including Caesar, Caesar: Rise of the Apes, and just Rise of the Apes, the latest iteration of the film’s title is Rise of the Planet of the Apes. James Franco, Andy Serkis, Tom Felton, and John Lithgow have all been announced as cast members for the film, scheduled for release later this year. (Brent Frankenhoff)


The World’s Largest Trivia Contest wraps up tonight at midnight C.T. How did Yaargh! & Refresh & Watch Wiki Change (my team) do compared to the other 400+ teams competing? Check back and see! (Brent Frankenhoff)

Yesterday’s Panel Quiz Answer

Groo the Wanderer’s first lines in comics were, “There they are again! They want me dead so badly … but who do they work for? Who sent them … and why?” He said (well, thought) them in Pacific’s Groo the Wanderer #1 (Dec 82).

Today’s Panel Quiz

Whose first line in comics was “Afternoon, Gryph! Decided to let myself in and cut down on your overhead. Hope you don’t mind!”?

Born Today

James D. Hudnall (1957), comics writer

Richard K. Taylor (1958), Weta Workshop artist

Scott Hampton (1959), comics artist

Bill Marks (1962), Vortex Comics founder

Robert Durham (1963), comics artist

Michael Anthony Delepine (1964), comics artist

Birthdays 2 Weeks from Now

Howie Schneider (1930), comic strip writer and artist

Al Vey (1955), comics inker

John MacLeod (1957), small press comics creator

Ralph Griffith (1960), Arrow Comics founder

Randy Carpenter (1965), comics creator


Every Wednesday and Saturday. California: City of Industry. Comic Book & Collectible Show.

April 9-10 North Carolina: Winston-Salem. Winston-Salem Toy and Comic Book Show.

April 9-10 Ontario: Toronto. Toronto ComicCon Fan Appreciation Event.

April 9-10 United Kingdom: London. Kapow! Comic Con.

April 10 North Carolina: Raleigh. Comic Book Convention.

April 10 Ohio: Northwood. Comics show.

April 10 Virginia: Dunn Loring. Capicons Comic Book and Pop Culture Con.

Apr 15-17 Pennsylvania: Monroeville. Pittsburgh Comicon.

April 16 Iowa: Des Moines. Iowa Comic Book Club MiniCon.

April 16 Massachusetts: Northampton. Paint and Pixel Festival.

April 16 New York: Bronx. Kids’ Comic Con.

April 16 Pennsylvania: Allentown. Comic Con.

April 16-17 Kentucky: Covington. FandomFest Cincy.

April 16-17 Oregon: Portland. Stumptown Comics Fest.

Apr 16-17 Tennessee: Gray. Tri-Cities Toy & Hobby Show.

April 17 California: Los Angeles. Comic Book & Science Fiction Convention.

April 17 Florida: DeLand. Collectibles Show.

April 17  New York: Albany. Comic Con.

Do you have a show coming up? Let us know! You can e-mail the information to or mail it to Show Calendars, Comics Buyer’s Guide, 700 E. State St., Iola, WI 54945. If you have a creator appearance scheduled, let us know by e-mail to

Question of the Week

What comics-related movie are you most looking forward to this year?

Comics-Related Media

• Fox’s Sunday night primetime animation block is all-new, starting with The Simpsons at 8 p.m. E.T. “The Great Simpsina” is Season 22’s Episode 18 and features vocal appearances by Martin Landau, David Copperfield, and Penn and Teller. (Might Teller finally speak?)

Bob’s Burgers at 8:30 p.m. airs Season 1, Episode 10 “Burger War,” while Family Guy at 9 p.m. has Season 9, Episode 14 “Tiegs for Two” with Cheryl Tiegs as herself and Drew Barrymore providing the voice of Jillian.

• The animation group concludes at 9:30 p.m. with The Cleveland Show. Season 2, Episode 19 is “Ship’rect.” Daryl Hall, John Oates, Oak Ridge Boy Richard Sterban and NFL referee Ed Hochuli all have voice parts.

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  1. Brent Frankenhoff says:

    After some much-needed rest, I’ve learned that Yaargh! is in 17th place with 4,655 points after 38 hours of the 54-hour contest. Throughout the evening last night, Festivus and Dad’s Computers kept swapping 1st and 2nd place. Now Dad’s has a pretty good lead with 8,615 to Festivus’ 7,625. But there’s still more than 14 hours to go, so we’ll see how things shake out. We need less than 500 points to get into the Top 10 and win a trophy at this time. It’s entirely possible with some good hours ahead.

  2. Brent Frankenhoff says:

    As I said, we needed a good hour to move up and we had it in Hour 39. We’re now in 13th with 4,990 points.

  3. Brent Frankenhoff says:

    We dropped a position during the day and are in 14th with 5,700 points as we head into the final six hours of the contest. The top team is Dad’s Computers with 9,690 with The Anti-Social Network in 2nd with 9,270 and Festivus has dropped to third with 9,170. No more score announcements will be given, so we won’t know how we end up until the contest ends up around midnight tonight. The final announcement comes around 1:30 or 2 a.m.

    We’ve had a lot of fun in a very challenging contest this year.

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