Today’s Comics Guide: April 6, 2011

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


• Titan Comics has announced that it will publish an ongoing comic book series based on Family Guy, starting in July. Previously, Devil’s Due did a series of one-shots, each devoted to a different member of the Griffin family. Art on the upcoming series is by SL Gallant and Anthony Williams. (Brent Frankenhoff)

Batman: Arkham City, a comic-book prequel to the upcoming videogame sequel to Batman: Arkham Asylum, has a preview available at Written by Paul Dini, with art by Carlos D’Anda, the first two issues of the series are scheduled to ship in May. (Brent Frankenhoff)

• And, did anyone see Peter David at WonderCon? He was there, but you may not have recognized him. You can read more about it in his column in CBG #1679 shipping in early May or online at (Brent Frankenhoff)

Yesterday’s Panel Quiz Answer

Modesty Blaise’s first lines in comics were, “Yes?” “On what subject?” and “Yes, certainly. Do come up … Sir Gerald.” She said those in strip #2, May 14, 1963.

Today’s Panel Quiz

Whose first lines in comics were “Aw, clam up, bud! You don’t even know the meaning of the word! Finding yourself in a world of talking hairless apes — now that’s absurdity!”?

Born Today

Gil Kane (1926), comics artist and writer

Mark Askwith (1956), TV show producer and writer

Birthdays 2 Weeks from Now

John Ostrander (1949), comics writer

Steve Keeter (1956), comics writer and artist

Dale W. Berry (1960), comics writer and artist

Evan Dorkin (1965), comics writer and artist

Mark A. Lester (1965), comics artist

Today’s Flashbacks

85 yrs Apr 6, 1926 Eli Katz is born. As Gil Kane he works in the industry for decades for many different publishers, including creating the modern designs for DC’s Green Lantern and Atom and Marvel’s Iron Fist and Morbius and experimenting with graphic novels in His Name Is … Savage and Blackmark. He draws the experimental Star Hawks comic strip (written by Ron Goulart).

75 yrs Apr 6, 1936 The comic strip Mickey Finn, created by Lank Leonard, begins.

45 yrs Apr 6, 1966 Canadian writer and producer (and comics-shop manager) Mark Askwith is born. His Prisoners of Gravity TV show focused on science fiction, fantasy, comics, and more — and he is one of the founders of the Space channel.

Comics in Your Future

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Shipping Next Week: What are you anticipating?


Every Wednesday and Saturday. California: City of Industry. Comic Book & Collectible Show.

April 9 Ohio: Elyria. Show.

April 9 South Carolina: Greenville. Greenville Comic Book and Sports Car d Show.

April 9 Virginia: Richmond. Virginia Comicon.

April 9-10 North Carolina: Winston-Salem. Winston-Salem Toy and Comic Book Show.

April 9-10 Ontario: Toronto. Toronto ComicCon Fan Appreciation Event.

April 9-10 United Kingdom: London. Kapow! Comic Con.

April 10 North Carolina: Raleigh. Comic Book Convention.

April 10 Ohio: Northwood. Comics show.

April 10 Virginia: Dunn Loring. Capicons Comic Book and Pop Culture Con.

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Question of the Week

What comics-related movie are you most looking forward to this year?

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2 Responses to Today’s Comics Guide: April 6, 2011

  1. rrobot34 says:

    I do remember Gil Kane (Eli Katz) and his work with the Green Lantern and Atom. Little did I realize that he was the same artist on Spiderman. It wasn’t till I saw him on a monthly basis on Amazing Spiderman that I put the two together. His anatomy on the characters was fantastic and I remembered copying many of his drawings as a child. It’s too bad that his “Blackmark” and “His Name is Savage” graphic novels didn’t catch on with the public. I have his “Star Hawks” comic reprints and still marvel at the quality of his work.

    I even remember getting Marvel’s John Carter of Mars, just to see his artwork on a monthly basis. It’s sad that he isn’t here and he’ll always be remembered as one of my favorite artists of all time!

  2. rrobot34 says:

    I remember a “What If” story entitled, “What if the Avengers had never been?”. It was masterfully drawn by Gil. It had all the Avengers in Iron Man’s armor. Although each Avenger wore a different color to represent their costume. What struck me as part of his skill as an artist was how he always had different camera angles and poses for each hero. This was especially prevalent in his run on Spiderman. When he was swinging from each building he never reused or duplicated a pose twice. Till this day, I still wonder why his work isn’t reprinted more often?

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