Today’s Comics Guide: June 1, 2011

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


• We extend get well soon wishes to Phil Yeh, who, according to a report on The Beat, suffered a minor stroke May 23, but is home and recovering now. (Brent Frankenhoff)

• With X-Men: First Class set to open this Friday, have you checked out the X-Men Extra app? It’s available for iPads and mimics the style of a 1960s photo magazine. There are tons of easter eggs and in-jokes throughout its interactive pages. (Brent Frankenhoff)

Yesterday’s Panel Quiz Answer

The first words Gwen Stacy said in comics were, ” The little lady has a name, Flash!” They were said in Amazing Spider-Man #31 (Dec 65).

Today’s Panel Quiz

Whose first line in comics was “Texas is as good a place as any.”?

Born Today

Alonzo L. Washington (1967), comics writer

Birthdays 2 Weeks from Now

Ross Andru (1925), comics writer and artist

Neal Adams (1941), comics writer and artist

Don McGregor (1945), comics writer

Rick Stasi (1952), comics artist

Brent Anderson (1955), comics artist

Today’s Flashbacks

10 yrs Jun 1, 2001 Cartoonist Hank Ketcham dies. Best-known for Dennis the Menace, he died of prostate cancer at the age of 81.

And it’s the first day of June, so we include all the events that happened in June cover-dated comics.

70 yrs Jun 1941 With a Spring issue, Timely gives Bill Everett’s The Sub-Mariner his own title.

70 yrs Jun 1941 Daisy Duck makes her first appearance in comic books with Large Feature Comic #16.

70 yrs Jun 1941 Green Lantern sidekick Doiby Dickles first appears in All-American Comics #27.

70 yrs Jun 1941 Boody Rogers’ comedy character Sparky Watts first appears in comic books in Big Shot Comics #14. (He’d first appeared in comic-strip form April 29, 1940.)

70 yrs Jun 1941 Shiera Sanders becomes Hawkgirl in All Star Comics #5.

70 yrs Jun 1941 Congo Bill’s origin is included in his first appearance in Action Comics #37.

65 yrs Jun 1946 Johnny Peril is introduced in Comic Cavalcade #15.

60 yrs Jun 1951 Sheena, Queen of the Jungle, begins with the Spring issue of the Fiction House pulp in a story written by James Anson Buck.

60 yrs Jun 1951 Captain Comet is introduced in Strange Adventures #9 in a story written by John Broome (as Edgar Ray Merritt) and drawn by Carmine Infantino and Bernard Sachs.

55 yrs Jun 1956 Metallo, Jor-El’s robot, first appears in Superboy #49.

55 yrs Jun 1956 The first issue of Jackie Gleason and the Honeymooners is released by DC.

50 yrs Jun 1961 Spoiler alert: In a Robert Kanigher story, Sgt. Rock’s Easy Company’s Ice Cream Soldier is killed in Our Army at War #107.

50 yrs Jun 1961 “Tales of the Bizarro World” begins as a feature in Adventure Comics #285.

45 yrs Jun 1966 Ballantine Books publishes a paperback collection of E.C.’s adaptations of Ray Bradbury stories in Tomorrow Midnight.

45 yrs Jun 1966 In The Doom Patrol #104, members of The JLA and Teen Titans attend the wedding of Elasti-Girl and Mento in a story written by Arnold Drake and drawn by Bruno Premiani.

45 yrs Jun 1966 “The Dizziest Collection of Dumb Clucks in DC’s History” are The Inferior Five, introduced in Showcase #62, scripted by E. Nelson Bridwell and drawn by Joe Orlando and Mike Esposito.

40 yrs Jun 1971 Swamp Thing first appears in DC’s House of Secrets #92.

40 yrs Jun 1971 Hulk’s love Jarella first appears in The Incredible Hulk #140.

40 yrs Jun 1971 DC’s New Gods #3 introduces Black Racer.

40 yrs Jun 1971 DC adds 16 pages to the industry-standard 32-page package and increases the cover price from 15¢ to 25¢ with titles on sale this month.

35 yrs Jun 1976 Moon Knight gets his first solo issue in Marvel Spotlight #28.

35 yrs Jun 1976 The Secret Society of Super-Villains begins with a story written by Gerry Conway, drawn by Pablo Marcos.

30 yrs Jun 1981 The Justice Machine, created and drawn by Mike Gustovich, begins from Noble Comics.

30 yrs Jun 1981 The modern Shade first appears in DC’s Flash #298.

30 yrs Jun 1981 Omega Men first appear in DC’s Green Lantern #141.

25 yrs Jun 1986 Green Lantern changes its title to The Green Lantern Corps with #201.

25 yrs Jun 1986 Apocalypse first appears in a cameo in X-Factor #5.

25 yrs Jun 1986 Comico begins its Jonny Quest series with the first story written and drawn by Doug Wildey. The back-up is by William Messner-Loebs, Steve Rude, and Mike Royer.

20 yrs Jun 1991 Eric Masterson first appears as Thor in Marvel’s Thor #433.

Comics in Your Future

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Every Wednesday and Saturday. California: City of Industry. Comic Book & Collectible Show.

Jun 3-5 North Carolina: Charlotte. HeroesCon.

Jun 3-5 Virginia: Virginia Beach. Sports Card & Collectors Show.

Jun 4-5 North Carolina: Greensboro. Triad Toy, Hobby & Sportscard Show.

Jun 5 California: Claremont. Comic Book & Pop Culture Show.

Jun 5 Illinois: Carol Stream. Show.

Jun 5 Maryland: Laurel. Comic Con.

Jun 5 Missouri: St. Louis. Comic Book Show.

Jun 5 New Jersey: Wayne. Comic, Toy & Collectible Show.

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