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Sunday, May 1, 2011


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Yesterday’s Panel Quiz Answer

The first words said in comics by Ira Quimby (aka I.Q.) were, “I don’t care what weapons you use to try and stop me Hawkman! I’ll destroy them all!” He said them in Mystery in Space #87 (Nov 63).

Today’s Panel Quiz

Whose first lines in comics were, “You three are victims of a cruel and fantastic fate! I summoned you here to give you the opportunity to cheat that fate by offering you the chance to experience adventures more incredible than any humans have ever known!”?

Born Today

Alex Nino (1940), comics artist

Phil Foglio (1956), comics writer and artist

Tim Sale (1956), comics artist

Mike Anderson (1971), comics artist

Birthdays 2 Weeks from Now

TBG #1John G. Fantucchio (1938), artist, (cover artist of TBG #1)

Victor Ramon Mojica (1949), comics writer and artist

Gary Leach (1957), comics artist and publisher

Paul Curtis (1958), comics historian and Maggie’s brother

Jeff Dee (1961), comics inker

Today’s Flashbacks

65 yrs May 1, 1946 Action film director John Woo is born. He is reported to have a Mighty Mouse film in the works.

55 yrs May 1, 1956 Writer-artist Phil Foglio is born. He adapts Robert Asprin‘s MythAdventures to comics, and writes and draws Buck Godot. He and his wife, Kaja, produce XXXenophile and Girl Genius.

55 yrs May 1, 1956 Artist Tim Sale is born. He produces mainstream comics, often with writer Jeph Loeb, and his art is a major element of the Heroes TV series.

40 yrs May 1, 1971 Artist Mike Anderson is born.

And it’s the first day of May, so we include all the events that happened in May cover-dated comics.

105 yrs May 1906 The first known ad for plush “Teddy bears” is published in Playthings. Washington Post cartoonist Clifford Berryman had originated the image in 1902.

75 yrs May 1936 With the first issue (The Comics Magazine #1) from the early comic-book company Comics Magazine, the first comic-book super-hero appears in the guise of Dr. Mystic.

70 yrs May 1941 Stan Lee‘s first published Marvel Comics work appears as a text story in Captain America Comics #3.

70 yrs May 1941 The first magician comic book is Super Magic Comics #1.

70 yrs May 1941 Black Terror makes his debut (alongside his sidekick, Tim) by writer Richard Hughes and artist Dave Gabrielson in Exciting Comics #9. He’s not related to Black Fury, whose first appearance (alongside his sidekick, Chuck) is the same month in Fantastic Comics #18.

70 yrs May 1941 Comics were apparently gearing up for war this month, with Captain Battle making his first appearance in Silver Streak Comics #10 and Captain Freedom being introduced in Speed Comics #13.

70 yrs May 1941 Sargon the Sorcerer has his first adventure, “The Ruby of Life” written by John B. Wentworth and drawn by Howard Purcell, in All-American Comics #26.

70 yrs May 1941 He was in comics earlier, but now he’s bald! Poor Lex Luthor is recently drawn without hirsute adornment in the newspaper strip, and now — in Superman #10 — he’s stuck with the look (new to comic books).

65 yrs May 1946 Catwoman gets a new costume in Batman #35.

60 yrs May 1951 The Knights of the Galaxy series begins and a Frank Frazetta-illustrated story is included in DC’s Mystery in Space #1.

50 yrs May 1961 Here they come to save the day! No, not Mighty Mouse. It’s Bouncing Boy, Brainiac 5, Phantom Girl, Shrinking Violet, and Triplicate Girl starring (in a back-up feature, no less) in “Supergirl’s Three Super Girl-Friends!” by Jerry Siegel and Jim Mooney in Action Comics #276.

50 yrs May 1961 The American M-3 battle tank commanded by Jeb Stuart is introduced as “The Haunted Tank” in G.I. Combat #87. The story is written by Robert Kanigher and drawn by Russ Heath.

50 yrs May 1961 Green Arrow joins The Justice League of America in Justice League of America #4.

45 yrs May 1966 Giant-Man becomes Goliath in The Avengers #28, with “Among Us Walks … a Goliath!” scripted by Stan Lee and drawn by Don Heck and Frank Giacoia (as Frank Ray).

40 yrs May 1971 Do you know fear? Hope not! Man-Thing is introduced in Marvel’s Savage Tales #1.

40 yrs May 1971 A Marvel two-parter kicks off “The Summons of Psyklop!” in The Avengers #88: a Lovecraftian story plotted by Harlan Ellison.

40 yrs May 1971 The Comics Code Authority does not approve The Amazing Spider-Man #96 because of references to drug use in the story written by Stan Lee and drawn by Gil Kane. Marvel releases the issue and the next two issues without the Comics Code seal on the cover.

40 yrs May 1971 Carmine Infantino is named publisher of DC Comics.

35 yrs May 1976 The Red Guardian is introduced in Defenders #3.

35 yrs May 1976 The Secret Society of Super-Villains makes its debut in, um, Secret Society of Super-Villains #1.

30 yrs May 1981 The first Ms. Tree story by writer Max Allan Collins and artist Terry Beatty appears in Eclipse, the Magazine #1.

25 yrs May 1986 Blackthorne’s graphic novel The Gift: The Illustrated History of the Statue of Liberty is by writer Henry Gibson and artist Alfredo P. Alcala.

25 yrs May 1986 DC cancels The Omega Men with #38, written by Todd Klein and drawn by Shawn McManus and Steve Montano.

25 yrs May 1986 Howard Chaykin revamps The Shadow for DC starting a four-issue mini-series for “mature readers” this month.

25 yrs May 1986 Marvel Editor in Chief Jim Shooter announces in Bullpen Bulletins that the company is creating “a new universe!”

20 yrs May 1991 Waverider is introduced in Armageddon 2001 #1.

20 yrs May 1991 Remember Gold Key’s Magnus Robot Fighter? Well, he’s revamped and back to kick the Valiant line of comics into high gear.

20 yrs May 1991 The Sensational She-Hulk #27 has a variant edition, circulated only in the direct market, in which the UPC code is missing in the box and there is no printing on inside front or back covers.


Every Wednesday and Saturday. California: City of Industry. Comic Book & Collectible Show.

April 29-May 1 California: Anaheim. Comic Con.

April 29-May 1 Louisiana: Lake Charles. BayouCon.

April 29-May 1 North Carolina: Lumbeton. Sports Card, Comic Book and Collectibles Show.

April 30-May 1 Massachusetts: Boston. Comic Con.

April 30-May 1 North Carolina: Charlotte. Toy -Hobby & Sportscard Show.

April 30-May 1 Pennsylvania: Reading. Super Show.

April 30-May 1 South Carolina: Columbia. Fandomfest Columbia.

May 1 Connecticut: New Haven. New Haven Comic and Collectibles Spectacular.

May 1 Florida: Daytona Beach. Daytona Beach Comic & Toy Show.

May 1 Indiana: Indianapolis. Comic Book Show.

May 1 Nebraska: Omaha. Comics show.

May 1 New Jersey: Wayne. Comic, Toy & Collectible Show.

May 1 Pennsylvania: Essington-Philadelphia. Comic Con.

May 6-8 Virginia: Glen Allen. Sports Card & Collectors Show.

May 7. Everywhere. Free Comic Book Day. Check with your local retailer or for details.

May 7 Florida: Mt. Dora. 1st Annual Tri-Lake County Sports Cards, Comic Books & Hollywood Collectibles Show.

May 7 New York: Bronx. Bronx Heroes Comic Con.

May 7 New Hampshire: Rochester. Free Comic Book Day Festival.

May 7 Wisconsin: Milwaukee. Comic Book Convention.

May 8 New Jersey: Clifton. Clifton Comic Book Expo.

Do you have a show coming up? Let us know! You can e-mail the information to or mail it to Show Calendars, Comics Buyer’s Guide, 700 E. State St., Iola, WI 54945. If you have a creator appearance scheduled, let us know by e-mail to

Question of the Week

If you had only $25 to spend on comics this week (whether that’s more or less than you usually spend), what would you buy?

Note: The best answer received (in our opinion) to this question will receive a prize. What’s the prize, you ask? Follow along daily and see!

Comics-Related Media

• It’s a night of new animation on Fox starting with The Simpsons at 8 p.m. E.T. Season 22, Episode 19 is “The Real Housewives of Fat Tony.” At 8:30 p.m. The Cleveland Show airs Season 2, Episode 21, “The Hurricane.” At 9 p.m. Family Guy has Season 9, Episode 16, “Seahorse Seashell Party.” Guest voices include Ioan Gruffudd as the narrator. At 9:30 p.m. American Dad! has “Hurricane!” as Season 7, Episode 17. Whether it’s the same weather event as that on The Cleveland Show or not remains to be seen.

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