We have a winner! Today’s Comics Guide Question of the Week!

The first winner of a prize for submitting the best answer for our question of the week in Today’s Comics Guide is Luigi of Italy. His prize? One of the unused Jim Lee wraparound covers from CBG #1000. We uncovered a small cache of them while researching our 40th anniversary issue and would like to share them with you. All you have to do is submit the best answer (in our opinion) to this week’s question of the week and you’ll be in the running. We’ll pick the best answer from those submitted each Monday morning when a new question is posted in that day’s Comics Guide.

Don’t want everyone to see your answer before we pick our winner? You can e-mail them to ohso@krause.com. All answers submitted become the property of CBG parent company F+W Media and may be used for publication. If any part of your answer — including your address — is not for publication, please indicate that in your e-mail.

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3 Responses to We have a winner! Today’s Comics Guide Question of the Week!

  1. Luigi says:

    Hey, I can’t believe to be the first winner, thanks a lot guys! :)
    Being a longtime Jim Lee fan (and CBG reader and subscriber too) I am particularly happy to have won this CBG cover!!
    I was wondering, do I have to send you my data for shipping or do you have it already from my profile info?

  2. Brent Frankenhoff says:

    Yes, please send your data to brent.frankenhoff@fwmedia.com. Thanks!

  3. Luigi says:

    Just done that, thanks Brent! 😉

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