Comics Buyer’s Guide #1688 (April 2012)

Spider-Man’s been webslinging for a half-century and CBG #1688 celebrates the milestone this issue, starting with a cover by Humberto Ramos!

Inside, our coverage begins with an overview of Spider-Man’s career and publishing history.

Captain Comics keeps the festivities flowing with a look at favorite Spider-Man eras.

Mr. Silver Age leaps into the act with a rundown of The Lizard’s history.

And, we Retroview Deadly Foes of Spider-Man, plus pick the cTop 10 Turning Point Covers from Spidey’s career.

Also in this issue:

CBG Senior Editor Maggie Thompson has found some great pieces of comics history.

Michelle Nolan covers a fun five-issue series that she wonders how many readers have ever heard of.

Tony Isabella shares his favorite Spider-Man story and leads off our review section.

John Petty and Jim Johnson beam into the far future for an Obligatory Fight Scene featuring Star Trek/Legion of Super-Heroes #1.

Our readers share their opinions in Oh, So?

We profile author Marc Tyler Nobleman.

And, Peter David wraps things up with stories about his Spider-Man videogame involvement.

It’s all inside CBG #1688, available now!

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