Comics Buyer’s Guide #1698 (Feb 2013)

2012 was a busy year in comics and CBG #1698 covers the major comics-related events of the year with Captain Comics hitting the high points from Disney’s acquisition of LucasFilm to the continued success of The Walking Dead and more.

Mr. Silver Age steps back in time 50 years looking at the world of comics in 1962.

Michelle Nolan shouts out the news about Headline Comics!

Captain Comics comes back for a second helping this issue, reviewing The Art of War.

Tony Isabella reviews the year in part one of a two-part article.

Mike Baron shares his Top 10 favorite comics covers.

Maggie Thompson looks at online pop culture.

And Peter David also looks at the biggest news of 2012.

It’s all inside CBG #1698, available now at your local comics shop and through Comics+.

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