Goethe/Comic Fan Art Award winners, 1971-74

The Goethe Awards were an awards program for the field of comics art that Don and Maggie Thompson began in their own fanzine, Newfangles. While not officially affiliated with CBG‘s precursor, The Buyer’s Guide for Comic Fandom, the ballot did run in the magazine — and some issues of the magazine do list many of the winners of this early fan awards program.


The ballot for the 1971 Goethe Awards appeared in TBG #14 (April 1972). Nominations from 335 fans yielded from four to seven nominees on the ballot in each of seven categories. “No award” was an option in each category.

More than 700 would vote in this round of the awards, and the awards were presented July 3, 1972, at the Comic Art Convention in a ceremony emceed by Tony Isabella and Carl Gafford. TBG did announce that it had won the “Favorite Fanzine” award in #17 (the July 1972 issue — incidentally, the last monthly issue for 22 years), but it did not list other winners.


The winners of the 1972 Goethe Awards were reported in The Buyer’s Guide for Comic Fandom #38 (June 15, 1973). Ballots were printed in TBG, Comic Crusader, The Comic Reader, Gazette Advertiser, Memonomee Falls Gazette, and Rocket’s Blast Comicollector.

There were 1,011 voters. More than a third of the ballots came from TBG, wiith Comic Reader not far behind. The median age was 19, and 93% of voters were male.

Winners in each category are listed here in boldface, along with other fan-selected nominees in their order of finish.:

Favorite Pro Artist: Barry Windsor-Smith, Neal Adams, Bernie Wrightson, Jack Kirby

Favorite Pro Writer: Roy Thomas, Len Wein, Jack Kirby, Dennis O’Neil, Steve Englehart

Favorite Pro Editor: Roy Thomas, Julius Schwartz

Favorite Pro Comic Book: Conan, Swamp Thing, Tarzan, Avengers

Favorite Non-Newsstand Comic Book: The Menomonee Falls Gazette, Bedtime Stories, Further Adventures of the Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers, Fantagor, Skull, Phase

Favorite Comic-Book Story: “The Black Hound of Vengeance!” (Conan #20), “And through Him Save a World…” (Green Lantern #89), “The Pact” (New Gods #20), “Dark Genesis” (Swamp Thing #1)

Favorite Comic-Book Character: Conan, Batman, Spider-Man, Tarzan, Green Arrow

Favorite Fan Magazine: The Comic Reader, The Buyer’s Guide for Comic Fandom, Comixscene, Comic Crusader, Graphic Story World, Rocket’s Blast Comicollector

Favorite Fan Writer: Don & Maggie Thompson, Tom Fagan, Tony Isabella, Jan Strnad, Paul Levitz

Favorite Fan Artist: Richard Corben, Don Newton, John Fantucchio, Martin Greim


The Thompsons passed stewardship of the awards program to Tony Isabella, who ran the 1973 Comic Fan Art Awards winners in TBG #63 (Aug. 1, 1974). The follwowing winners were selected from an open-field voting system:

Favorite Pro Artist: Bernie Wrightson

Favorite Pro Writer: Len Wein

Favorite Pro Editor: Roy Thomas

Favorite Pro Comic Book: Swamp Thing.

Favorite Comic-Book Story: “Night of the Bat” by Len Wein, Bernie Wrightson, and Joe Orlando in Swamp Thing #7

Favorite Comic-Book Character: Conan

Favorite Fan Magazine: The Comic Reader

Favorite Fan Writer: Don & Maggie Thompson

Favorite Fan Artist: Don Newton


The winners of the 1974 Comic Fan Art Awards weren’t published until TBG #123 (March 26, 1976):

Favorite Writer: Roy Thomas

Favorite Penciller: Jim Starlin

Favorite Inker: Tom Palmer

Favorite Editor: Roy Thomas

Favorite Comic Book: E-Man

Favorite Fanzine: The Comic Reader

The average age of voters was 17.68.

We’ll post more of the Goethe/Comic Art awards as they turn up.

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