Today’s Comics Guide: January 8, 2013

Tuesday, January 8, 2013


Peter David has been moved from the hospital to a rehab facility, a necessary step on the road to recovery from his stroke. Those wishing to send him a get-well card can do so to P.O. Box 239, Bayport, NY 11705.

Marvel has announced another X-Men-related title for April written by Brian Wood and drawn by Oliver Coipel.

Yesterday’s Panel Quiz Answer

The Metal Master’s first line in comics was, “Even your limitless strength cannot save you from me, Hulk!” He said it on the cover of Incredible Hulk #6 (Feb 63).

Born Today

John Wellington, comics colorist

Peter Arno (1904), cartoonist

Lee J. Ames (1921), comics artist

Boris Vallejo (1941), artist

Ken Steacy (1955), comics writer and artist

James Pruett (1966), comics editor and writer

Joe Pruett (1966), comics writer and editor

Birthdays Two Weeks from Now

Robert E. Howard (1906), writer

Secret Agent X-9 (1934), comic strip

Steve Perrin (1946), comics writer

Marshall Rogers (1950), comics artist

Dennis Mallonee (1955), comics writer and publisher

Howard Mackie (1958), comics writer and editor

Mark Miraglia (1959), comics artist

Lisa Trusiani Parker (1959), comics writer

Jerry Craft (1963), comics artist

Richard D. Irving (1966), comics writer and artist

Alex Ross (1970), artist

Today’s Flashbacks

105 yrs Jan 8, 1908 Actor William Hartnell is born. He’s the first to play The Doctor in the BBC’s Doctor Who.


Every Wednesday and Saturday. California: City of Industry. Comic Book & Collectible Show.

Jan 12-13 New Mexico: Albuquerque. Albuquerque Comic Con.

Jan 12-13 North Carolina: Raleigh. Toy, Hobby & Sportscard Show.

Jan 12 Indiana: South Bend. ComicCon.

Jan 13 California: Los Angeles. Comic Book & Science Fiction Convention.

Jan 13 Georgia: McDonough. Atlanta South Comic Con.

Do you have a show coming up? Let us know! You can e-mail the information to or mail it to Show Calendars, Comics Buyer’s Guide, 700 E. State St., Iola, WI 54945. If you have a creator appearance scheduled, let us know by e-mail to

Comics-related media

Dredd and Frankenweenie are both available on home video today.

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